Choke Chamber – Stepmother And Bad Daughter

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Choke Chamber – Stepmother And Bad Daughter

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


A prominent rich businessman has a second marriage and marries a young and beautiful woman. His young wife now leads a luxury life. His spoiled daughter, a student, doesn’t like it because now her daddy’s money will go to her stepmother. Papa’s baby is not confused about this and hires a killer. The young wife is admiring herself in the mirror. She needs to look gorgeous every day to keep her millionaire husband interested in her and not let him to look at other girls from fashion industry. As she is admiring herself, the killer creeps into her room. She sees the killer in the mirror with a gun and is scared. He shoots her in the back, at the region of the heart. The shot is deadly, but the woman does not die immediately. She had some time to feel the pain and understand death, to turn around, give a startled look in the eyes of the cold-blooded killer with the question “Why?” as she slides down, writhing on the floor, rolling over on her back and dies with her eyes wide open. The killer calls the millionaire’s daughter to say that the work is done. But she was already there. Glamour girl, having seen many thriller and action movies, firmly believes that the customers kill assassins to clear all evidence. She stole her daddy’s expensive gun with intent to kill the hitman. Her wealth, beauty and cynicism have gone too far and the silly bad girl forgot that life is not a game. The professional hitman easily disarms her and shoots her in the stomach. He shoots her twice in the chest. Stunned girl falls on the floor. That’s all! No more money, expensive cars, nightlife and travel to Los Angeles! No more handsome guys and friends from the world of show business! She is suffering in agony, waiting for her death in terror. But death can wait no longer. Killer makes the final shot her in the neck.

Fetish Elements:

Fetish elements and tags: a shot from a pistol with a silencer, shot in the back, frightened face, frightened look, slide the body on the floor, dying convulsions, shot in the stomach, shot in the chest, two shots in the chest, shot in the neck, a lot of blood, stripping the dead body , a lot of dead bodies.

Stepmother And Bad Daughter
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