Choke Chamber – Stranded

Choke Chamber – Stranded

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: When a cross country trip goes awry due to unforeseen car trouble, two hot models, Amanda (Leia Christiana) and her childhood best friend Stacey (Eve Sephora) start a tedious journey on foot. Still gorgeous, and in their ever-so-sexy dresses and high heels, they walk the streets, arguing and bitching all the way. Amanda, the not-so-bright one of the two, complains that Stacey is condescending, and insulting. They fight and bicker until a man in a silver mercedes offers a helping hand. Stacey reluctantly accepts, and the two beauties ride back with him to his place. While the man steps into the other room, the two girls continue their arguing until finally, one of them loses all patience, takes a pair of leather gloves, and attacks her friend. Amanda wraps her tight grasp on Stacey’s neck, and squeezes until the busty vixen expires. Immediately after, the man walks in on the murder. Amanda threatens to blame him for her death if he doesn’t agree to her terms. Infuriated by her demands, he punches her and knocks her down. He grabs a tight rope and chokes her profusely. She struggles but her fight is futile. Within moments, she passes. He carries her over to her friend’s body and strips them both to prep them for disposal. He caresses them, and enjoys them until he heads to the back to get the chainsaw. At least the two are alas not fighting.


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