Choke Chamber – Stupid Psychologist

Choke Chamber – Stupid Psychologist

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: When a emotionally troubled man seeks the services of a psychologist to cure his inexplicable, unorthodox sexual desires, he quickly learns that the only way to solve his problem, is by accepting it. Unfortunately for the psychologist treating him, his solution proves fatal. Sarah takes on the man as her first case-study. When she learns that the man is struggling uncontrollable urges to see women dead, she immediately condemns him, and asks him to leave. Realizing she isn’t fully equipped to treat a man with issues of this magnitude, she insists he see a professional psychiatrist. The man decides to take his treatment to a higher level, and test his desires on his beautiful therapist. He starts to choke her out with his bare hands. He sees just how exciting, and erotic it is to overpower a woman, and see her life slip away as he strangles her. She struggles, but her fight is futile within moments. The therapist expires. He continues to experiment with his newfound fetish. He fondles her dead body, strips her to the bare, and plays with her face as if she were a doll. He then takes her notes of their session, crumples the document and stuffs it in her mouth. Now that the craving has been satiated, he is satisfied, and cured of his desires. The psychologist was most helpful after all!

Stupid psychologist
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