Choke Chamber – Tea And Crumpets

Choke Chamber – Tea And Crumpets

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Yoshi attempts to be a good neighbor, and personally hand delivers mail that is mistakenly dropped off in her box, to it’s rightful owner. Since the letter is addressed to her next door neighbor, Yoshi decides to be a good samaritan, and bring it over herself. She walks up a long flight of stairs to her neighbor’s house. Little does the busty beauty realize, her good deed will not go unpunished. She knocks at her neighbor’s front door. Within moments, a sinister looking, curly-haired, older gentleman with a British accents greets her, and invites her in for a drink. Trusting, and friendly Yoshi accepts, and enters. He offers her some sake, and a cigarette. Not long after taking a sip, does she suddenly get dizzy, and passes out. She awakens to a horrific nightmare. Upon coming to consciousness, she finds herself topless, hands tied in a basement. She screams in distress. The man enters, and taunts her. He removes her bottoms, and orders her to spread her legs. She refuses, and tells him to “Fuck off.” The man brings in a hot grill, and places it beneath her feet. As it starts to cook, she is left with no choice but to spread herself to avoid getting burned. The man giggles, and enjoys her torment. Yoshi manages an escape, and runs out of the house, only to find her freedom is short-lived, and sadly met with her untimely demise. Yoshi gets caught, and her life is ended by the pointy end of a sharp knife. The man stabs her repeatedly in the belly, bleeding her to death. She gasps and cries in horror, and pain. Not long after, the asian vixen dies. The British man then drags Yoshi’s warm, deceased corpse, tracking blood all over the floor. He takes a large plastic bag, and places her on it. Before wrapping her for disposal, he toys with the blood soaked body, and using his finger, writes “LOVE” on her chest. After his post-mortem scribble, he wraps her with the plastic, and takes her away.

Tea and crumpets
Tea and crumpets.mp4

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