Choke Chamber – The Heist

Choke Chamber – The Heist

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After a successful jewelry heist, two experienced thieves manage to escape with millions of dollars in diamonds. Pleased with their loot, Jay, the leader of the job decides to celebrate by calling a gorgeous colleague. Usually unattainable, and way over his league, he hopes to finally win her over with his newfound bounty. Leia seductively accepts his invitation with an ulterior motive of her own. Hoping to use her feminine wiles to steal his treasure, she instead uses misdirection, and when he isn’t looking, takes a gun and points it at him. She hits him with the gun and knocks him unconscious. She takes the opportunity to search for the diamonds. While on the hunt, the thief awakens and takes his revenge. He knocks the gorgeous cat burglar down, and carries her to the room where he decides to have a little fun. He plays with her, and caresses her smooth body. Alas she awakes, and the struggle begins. He takes her by the throat and squeezes mercilessly. She tries to break free, but her fight is futile. Within moments, the brunette vixen expires. Now that she’s dead, Jay has more fun.

The heist
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