[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Dead End Job

Dead End Job.0020

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Dead End Job

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Zamira w/ H.R. Wood

Another great employee! Smart, cute, dresses nice, and very flirty with the guys, only problem is she spends her spare time on “People Place”, the social networking site, and on the phone talking to her friends. When the HR manager gives her a review, he says he must let her go because of the issue. She begs for her job and he gives her an option. She can fuck her way to erase some of the strikes against her. The manager tells her to get busy. She comes over, with her sexy short dress and starts to rub his lap, then she loosens his belt and pulls out his cock, she strokes him and he is hard quick, then she sucks him hard and fast, trying to get it finished. He forces her to suck his cock, and then when he mumbles, “I can’t wait to fuck that tight pussy”, when she hears this, she pulls up off his throbbing dick and says, “What, I am not going to fuck you”. She starts to the door and says, “I am going to turn you in”. He catches her and breaks her neck. He snaps her neck and she falls to the floor, dead. He scoops her up and carries her to the table where he takes off her clothing and licks, sucks, and caresses her body. Then he gets her in position, sticking his dick in her dead mouth, then using her hand to give him a dead hand job. After some play he puts on a condom and sticks his cock inside of her, fucking her hard and slamming the tables together, he fucks her on the chair and from behind, then leaves a big load on her stomach and pussy. After he cums he says that she should have worked harder, then exits…

Great Necro elements with all kinds of great limb play and Postmortem sex!!!
Dead End Job

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