[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Dead End Road The Jogger

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Dead End Road The Jogger

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: A jogger gets lost on a rural trail. She tries to use her phone but no service. She hears some noises and thinks there is a house nearby. She sees a man working on his truck and approaches him. She asks if he knows the way and he tells her she took a wrong turn at the junction(really he just changed the sign). She asks if he could show her. He follows her with a heavy torque wrench in his hand and clocks her over the head on the trail and knocks her out. He scoops her up and cradle carries her to his pickup, tossing her in the back and getting her in the bed of the truck. He checks her out but wants to get off the road and back to his place. He closes the tail gate and drives with her body jiggling in the back. He arrives and cradle carries her to the house and inside. He messes with her KO’d body flopping her around, smelling her and making camel toe with her yoga pants and pussy. He undresses her down to her panties, sucking her breasts and removing her jogging shoes to sniff her feet. He is aroused after dragging her around and flopping her. He sist her up on his lap facing him and wakes her up. As soon as she comes to he does a swift neck break and she collapses to the floor and half on him. He then knows what he wants and why she is here. He loves the freshly dead gals and that is why he makes them lose their way and end up on Dead End Road. It is the only way he can find love. He has no social skills and just has to use and dispose. He flop[s her around on to the sofa, pulling off her panties and checking out her pussy, sucking and licking it. He loves the clean athletic type and she is perfect. He is horny and has sex with her dead body, passionately and warmly. After finishing inside her he gathers himself and checks her out more, explaining his reasoning for doing what he does. He grabs her clothing and sets it close then goes to gather a few things he will need to bury her deep in the woods. He then comes back in(after her naked body is panned and viewed and he re dresses her head to toe, though he keeps the panties for his collection. After dressing her he gets his vest on for the long drive and long night. He piscks her up and cradle carries her to the bed of the truck, tucking her in and eventually covering her up with a quilt so her body doesn’t start to get water logged from the rain that is coming. The end.

This is one I had to act so the camera work is very steady, long sequences, lots of full wide angles and sequences. I think it is very good and will be a great value for a Ryanne film. She is the best right now. CB


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