[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Dorm Double Strangle

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Dorm Double Strangle

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Carmen and Cherish are hanging out in their dorm room on the weekend, while everyone is away for the holidays. Hmm what to do? Two hot young college freshman, no boyfriends around, and a bottle of rum. They decide to crank up the tunes, have a drink, and make out a little. As they are about to get busy, Gary (Chris B.), the girl’s thirty something R.A., walks in unannounced and asks them to turn down the music. After he turns it down himself, they try to get him to stay, he reminds them of the rules, and heads back to his room next door. After a few more drinks the girls are ready to get down, music loud again, devising a plan out of sheer boredom, they decide to tease Gary to see if he is a mamma’s boy. He says he will stay and watch them mess around. As time goes on, girls are making out, and start to kiss and fondle the R.A. as he sits back and enjoys. Just as they are about to whip out his piece, the laugh and say, “Ha ha, we would never have sex with you Gary. The poor guy runs away, back to his room, livid, gathering him self, after a breakdown, he makes the decision to go back. While Gary is having a meltdown, the girls get back to it and Cherish is licking Carmen’s pussy and making the young Latina moan, and pant, as her kisses caress her body all over. As Carmen is close to letting it all go, she looks up and sees Gary, brandishing a club, all she can do is stare, wide eyed in disbelief, as the blunt wooden club strikes her. One at a time Gary thinks to him self. He rushes around the bed to catch Cherish, with his bungi cord in hand, he strangles the woman from behind, this gives her full range to go crazy, and this Caribbean Queen is a fighter, she goes full throttle, tongue out eyes rolling back, until she is gone. He throws her to the floor to head for Carmen, first he fondles her, then he wraps the cord around her neck and tries to strangle her but cant see her terror, so he throws her onto the bed face up, and two hand throttles her. This girl is a fighter, and oh so beautiful. Her brown skin beauty is a craving this man has had for years. Now he will get his wish. She fights for a long while, but loses the battle to the large man, and as she lay dead, he takes advantage of his opportunity to finish what they started, and fondles the young lady, as well as licking her everywhere, his frustrations mounting, he leaves the beauty, for us to see. THIS IS SUPER HOT. GREAT ACTING, LESBIAN SEX, AWESOME STRANGLES ON BOTH GIRLS!! WOW!!! I AM IMPRESSED WITH THE LEVEL OF ACTING FROM BOTH MODELS!!!!THANKS TO JOHN M. FOR FURNISHING THIS TO EDIT ONE OF MY FAVORITE ROLES!!!
Dorm Double Strangle
Dorm Double Strangle.wmv

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