[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – DORM ROOM DOUBLE STRANGLE 2


[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – DORM ROOM DOUBLE STRANGLE 2

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Once again the two young ladies are bored, reading, doing makeup, before their next class. Soon they will be in Mr. Hill’s Biology lab, getting special treatment, because Dr. James Hill is screwing not only one of the hotties, but now both!!! When Jessie tells Rachel about how she f**ked him for grades, Rachel gets pissed and smacks her hard with a magazine. This starts a bitch fight, and they are rolling around wrestling to see who gets the good looking professor next. Rachel is a little stranger and accidentally slings Jessie to the floor unconscious, poor Rachel tries to get a pulse or response, but nothing, she is sure Jessie is dead. She calls professor Hill and tells him to come over and help. Already prepared, he comes with plastic and duct tape, ready to help dispose of the poor girl, and get his sex on. After comforting his young college lay, he starts on the dead girl, and she wakes up from her slumber, screaming. Hill’s reflex action tells him to throttle her, and that is what his hands do. Jessie is sitting on the bed, enjoying the show and stroking her hot little snatch as she watches her dude work her roommate over, she grabs some white stockings and hands one to James, he takes it and quickly does a double wrap around the hot dark haired honey’s little neck. This girl is not a quitter. In fact she fights back, beating the teacher hard, but not hard enough. After a lengthy struggle, while his hot girl watches, fingers her snatch, and loves every minute of the strangle. When he is done, and throws the brunette off of himself, she beckons him to the bed for a hard f**k! He wastes no time in giving her the ride of her life! After he shoots his load inside of her, she tells him it’s her turn, and sticks her pussy in his face, he obliges by fingering her, fondling her breasts, and biting her nipples, but it is not enough for him, and he knows this little bitch is too stupid to keep her mouth shut, so he has to finish her off as well. He reaches down and picks up the other white stocking and puts it around her neck. WELL SHE WANTED TO BE f**ked, AND NOW SHE IS REALLY f**ked! He double wraps the stocking and goes to work, using all of his strength to harness the young ladies energy into a few minutes of control. After another long hard battle, he wins the battle. NOW IT’S TIME TO GET MORE SEX WITH THE CORPSES!! After stripping the brunette, he gives her the rest of his energy and f*cks her silly, her little boobs bouncing to and fro with every thrust. After finishing, he strips Rachel down and positions them both on the bed while he cleans up the mess. He knows he must go get more plastic, and tape to finish the job. As Mr. Hill exits, we see long pans of the TWO GIRL BODY PILE!!! This is an awesome feature. I had a great time working with these sexy girls when we shot it. I LOVE ACTING!! THIS FEATURE HAS IT ALL, FOOT VIEWS, GAROTTE STRANGLE, GIRL FIGHT, POST-MORTEM, BODY VIEWS, AND TWO REALLY HOT YOUNG GIRLS WITH GREAT ACTING SKILLS
Dorm Double Strangle

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