[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Double Bagger

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Double Bagger

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: An industrious couple Bonnie and Clyde their way through the state, hitting ATM’s and Drug dealers taking it all, now it is time to count the money and weigh the dope. Belle is doing a little too much of the blow which pisses Rex off. He knows how to distract her, so he orders a call girl, the expensive kind. He orders Coco who shows up ready to go, and takes the line of coke and shots of bourbon offered without a blink. She is ready to go and they talk about price, then get started. They pay extra for kink so they tie her hands and drape her sexy, lingerie covered body over the ottoman. She asks who is first, then offers to blow Rex because his cock is right in front of her. She takes his huge dick in her hands, then lubes it up, stroking it as it grows harder. As she is preparing it, Belle makes her go down on it kinda rough. She slaps her ass, plays with her pussy and spreads her pussy lips. She grabs the strap on, attaches it, and gets behind Coco. She spreads her lips and jams the strap on inside Coco which sends her into a moaning frenzy. Coco is down on the dick choking as Belle rams her pussy hard from behind. They switch to where Coco is facing her and she starts to fuck her from the front, both gals are moaning hard. She pounds away and after some great fucking, Rex decides to show her the surprise he had in store, he grabs an oven bag and wraps it over Coco’s head, and tightening the seal. He pulls the plastic tight and she starts to twitch and buck, trying to get air but sucking in the bag. She fights hard but to no avail. Belle continues to fuck her as she is dying and even after she is dead. He removes the bag and Belle picks her head up staring at her. Rex gets behind her, caressing and pushing her from behind and she strap on fucks the corpse of Coco, and as she is in Ecstasy, about to orgasm, he bags her too. As she bucks and heaves, she continues to fuck Coco with the strap on as she is being killed. She grasps for the bag to get it off, but Rex is too strong. Coco’s body jolts as Belle’s asphyxiated body slowly fucks a little slower and jerky. After she is dead, he puts them both on the sofa, getting them close so he can fondle and fuck them both. He does Belle first then finishes with Coco, pulling out and shooting his load on both gals tits. He leaves them there, grabs the money and leaves. The gals after positioned over the couch, dead and beautiful. Body views and pans of the dead hotties follow!
Double Bagger
Double Bagger.wmv

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