[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Double Crossed Agents

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Double Crossed Agents

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Tow agents trying to gather intelligence for the government, but one is being paid off by Terrorists, Savannah. She sneaks up behind Belle and points her gun at her, telling her it is her time to go down in flames. Money is more important than loyalty to her. Belle surprises her by taking her out at the waist. The two wrestle and fist fight and it gets tough. Belle gets in some great punches and disables Savannah from her gun, but Savannah kicks her in the pussy, dropping her to her knees. Savannah gets on top of her, straddling Belle grabbing her throat with both hands, choking Belle out. She fights hard and after a long bout, she bucks Savannah on to the ground and knees Savannah in the vagina too, making her grab and gasp. Belle gets her to her feet, punching more, then reaches in her boot grabbing a dagger, she punches at Savannah with the dagger, several times. trying to shank her with the blade…savannah grabs her arm and takes her down, then knocks her arm up against the wall, making the dagger drop, then she knees Belle in the cunt, knocking her to the floor. Savannah gets behind her in the sleeper hold and makes her choke till she passes out, eyes rolling back and crossing a bit. After she is out, savannah gets back on her straddling her again, this time she grabs the cable out of Belle’s other long boot and puts it around Belle’s neck strangling her hard. belle fights, grabbing for the cable, clawing at her neck but she can not win. savannah strangles her to death. As Savannah is finished, Anyanca comes through the back door, “something is wrong with the surveillance tape, I heard some struggling, is Belle okay?” “I don’t know” says Savannah, “It is how I found her.” Anyanca goes to give her CPR, but savannah snaps her neck, and the young agent falls on top of Belle, still twitching, and Savannah rolls her over, then checks them both for wires, or more weapons. The two sexy agents are dead, topless, and motionless. Body pans of them both…
Double Crossed Agents
Double Crossed Agents.wmv

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