[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Drug Mules Tourniquet

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Drug Mules Tourniquet

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: A young college student is a drug courier for a cocaine middleman and this is her last job, she shows up late to the warehouse where the thuggish gang has plans for whoever the mule may be. Joe usually sends hot gals, and end up getting fucked and dead somehow. When she grabs the stash out of her pack, they grab it up and start to fuck with her. Adrian pulls out his 9mm and points it at her head saying, “shut the fuck up, we have to check out the stash and you aren’t going anywhere. She is scared as she says she needs to go and Adrian throws her to the chair, pointing the gun at her head. She is terrified and starts to sob. She pleads for them to let her go and they laugh and torment her some more. They throw her up against the wall and make her strip, first the skirt, then the top, revealing a lacy matching set of undies.. Adrian says, “I wonder how good she can suck.” He pust his gun in her mouth and makes her suck the cold steel like a dick, and the tears roll down. She cries and pleads after sucking his gun off. He then tells Doc to surprise her, so he pulls out his super sharp black steel knife. He cuts her bra and panties off as she weeps and tries to plead to go home. The three thugs are relentless, they throw her on the old dental chair and go to work, tying her hands behind her and fashioning a tourniquet around her neck, and the chair back. Adrian starts to tighten the rope, using Scarlets dagger to turn the knot, Coco chokes out, and tries to plead her case as they interrogate her thoroughly and torment her to talk. She tells them what she knows and they take turns licking her pussy, grabbing her tits and taunting Coco, until she cries again, pleading. Adrian gives her a good fucking as Doc tightens the Garrote, she gasps and spasms, trying to kick out her legs. He finishes inside of her and as he cums she releases her bladder on to the chair. He then strangles her to death, as the couple samples the blow. She is nude, with her pumps on, kicking her legs, trying to get free, until she is still, eye mak-up running from the tears, and fear. He stays on her to make sure, then loosens the tourniquet, revealing a red mark from the rope. They all want to hit the bar for some shots and off some coke so they exit, leaving the hot mule, dead on the chair. Body pans of the hot sexy babe in high heels, dead!


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