[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – GRACE X-WHO’S COUNTING


[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – GRACE X-WHO’S COUNTING

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Grace has a deal with her hubby of four years and they have signed a contract that states: Grace can attempt to kill her husband, only once a month, but “Who’s Counting”? Well today is another day and she is talking to her new stooge on the phone that claims to be a marksman with his pistol, but fails in his attempt to kill the Hubby, instead he gets his neck snapped and the only loss is the bullet hole through his favorite black fedora hat. He calls for his wife and she is disappointed when she hears him coming instead of the young dumb boyfriend.

He tells her she has to now do as he wishes, so he removes the bullet from the chamber and hands her the piece saying, “Do to the gun what you would do to my cock”. She takes the gun and gives it lovely fallacious, sucking and licking the barrel imagining what her next new hubby killer’s cock might look and taste like. When he asks if she has seen the calender, she says, “It’s the 1st, it doesn’t matter”. “But dear, it’s leap year, the 29th, and now you will get what is coming to you”. He strangles her hard with her silk thigh high, he wraps it around her neck super tight, she fights hard, bucking and choking, gagging sounds, lots of tongue and eyes wide. He drags her across the bed, then upright by her neck, and the stocking. She claws at her neck, trying to get the stocking but to no avail. She fights hard, and long, jiggling her boobs, sticking her perfect pussy out for all to see, bucking, struggling, till she is done, still upright, after she is dead he lets the stocking go, and she falls face first into the bed, socking still around her neck. He ties it in a square not, and leaves it around her neck while he takes advantage of the situation, and does her well. He plays with her sweet pussy, licking it to wet it, then he drags her to the edge of the bed and screws her dead body silly. He sicks his dick deep inside of her, fucking her from all angles, and then feet scrunched to her chest. After he does her for a bit, he takes his hard dick and puts it in her mouth, positioning her head so he can hit the back of her throat with it. He fucks her mouth in many different positions, and then pulls out, puts his balls in her mouth and cums all over her chest and tits, he fills her chest with his load and then lets her drop, limbs flailing off the bed. He leaves her there as he grabs his stuff, get’s dressed, and leaves the room for all to see her sexy, strangled body, lying on the bed..

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