[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Hands On Training

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Hands On Training

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Description: Anyanca is looking for a different type of training, something way more intense than working out at Tony’s Gym with all the meatheads. She is still 100% woman and wants to keep her femininity. She gets a referral from another fighter who says this woman Belle who trains out of her house is the grass roots type training she needed to be the best. When she gets to Belle’s, and sees there is no equipment, just some tiny weights, a rope, some incense, with a whole bunch of mellow vibes too. Anyanca felt uncomfortable from the get. Belle tries to loosen her up with some breathing, stretching, and finding her center with Mother Nature, her Chi to stay grounded. To Anyanca, who is from the big city and not really savvy about this hippie approach, it is bullcorn, so she tries, but gets fed up when Belle keeps touching her, and then telling her not to worry. It is confusing to Anyanca, so she gets physical. She pushes the trainer down, who keeps her calm, but gets a bit frazzled. Belle tries again but Anyanca punches her in the eye. Belle retreats, but gets a bit pissed. She puts up her dukes and a fight breaks out. The two females trade punches, knocking each other down, punching in the face, body and even pussy kicking. After a couple go rounds Belle gets the upper hand, grabbing Anyanca’s hair and then getting on top of her. She punches her again, and again, and again. Anyanca takes both hands and punches Belle’s chest causing her to topple over and so they square up, Belle fakes the punch and kicks Anyanca square in the cunt. She goes down hard which gives Belle time to regain, grab the rope she uses for stretching and strangle this problem student. She gets behind her getting her to the couch with ease. She strangles Anyanca, but the tough gym rat chick grabs Belle’s leg and pulls her off the couch, on to the floor so she loses her grip on the rope, now it is a quick grab of the rope, and a fast maneuver to have Belle under the rope. Anyanca pulls beck hard and Belle fights, trying to use her chi, but without breath, there is none. She fights a hard long fight but Anyanca kills Belle, dragging her around the room till her eyes cross and she sees, nor breathes. When she is dead she is hungry for some sexual healing after a good hard workout, which she notes is, “worth every penny”. She immediately strips the dead yoga bitch and feels her up, flopping her over. As she is getting naked, Belles sexy dead body is being panned. She grabs the dead woman, naked herself and starts to rub the tits together fondling the body and herself. Then she positions the dead girl on top of her so she can play with her own pussy as she looks and smells the dead woman. She fucks herself until she cums, then treats the body like trash, flopping her off of the body. She says thanks and as she gets dressed we see Belle’s lovely body panned…
Hands On Training
Hands On Training.wmv

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