Japan Series – SUPER▼WOMAN.3 [JMSZ-12]


Japan Series – SUPER▼WOMAN.3 [JMSZ-12]

Alternative Names: ~戦慄のフォボス714~

Categories: Japan, Rape, Bizarre, SuperHeroines, Beating, Snuff Play, Parody, BDSM, Abuse, Bloody Game

Description: Six months have passed since the terrible loss of Super▼Woman Rune. She is replaced by Lyla Coatwell, a deputy Galaxy agent for the Earth tasked to hunt down the harmful space beasts. Lyla vows to bring her best friend back to life, fighting evil every day. During the battle she is attacked by enemies using Falconium that had maimed Rune! But Lyla is uninjured because she was born on Planet Tantra, so unlike Rune, who was a Foster, Falconium is just as harmless as air to her. Lyla is thought invincible until she is confronted by a mysterious group Tempel, whose leader Garret ominously proclaims: ‘Phobos 714 … substance also known as ‘Devil’s breath’ … is lethal to you Tantras!’ Lyla, who was thought an undefeatable fighter, has a natural weakness! Garret’s nanobug the size of the little finger’s tip that is secretly put in her genital organ starts producing the deadly substance Phobos 714, and even Lyla has no chance of winning the fight with such a device inside her body. Captured Super▼Woman is strapped on an inverted cross! Because of hard-hitting and incessant punches in the stomach, Super▼Woman throws up and her glorious cape is used to wipe lots of vomit on the floor! But this is only the beginning of Tempel’s carefully laid plans…. Lots of vomit by face fuck is followed by a torture using the enormous iron walls that attacked Rune, and the walls have become much more powerful and vicious!!! Now what will become of our heroine Super▼Woman!? [BAD END]

I would like to thank kimu1988-san for sending the great idea for the ‘Heroines in Wild Dreams’ project, upon which this new film is based (^^). The idea is extending the story arc that was set up in the previous work (made for The Fifth GIGA G-1 Grand Prix), and featuring tortures using iron. The role of the heroine that is crucial to the new installment is played by Miss Hina Maeda! She plays the possibly coolest Super▼Woman ever, who has to go through hard tortures. As director of the film, I, Mutsuki, would like to recommend the following three points! First! The micro-autonomous robot that is pretty gross (^^;). Second! The way Hina-chan gets defeated and tortured that looks so real! Don’t miss it!! And the third is of course the iron walls that press in on her from both sides!!! All her bones are cracked and crushed, and the story goes straight to an ending that is so harrowing. And the ending is…. What?! Unbelievable! Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? Please watch this film!!!!!

今回は「妄想計画」より kimu1988さんのアイデアを採用させていただきました~(^^)。曰く、『 前作(※G-1作品)の世界観の継承と鉄を使用した責め 』でアリます。そんな大役を演じていただいたのは前田陽菜ちゃん!これまでのS▼Wの中で最もクールではなかろうかという彼女をハードな責めが襲います。六機オススメポインツは3つ!そのイチ!超小型自律ロボット・ナノバグの出現。これ、かなりエグいです(^^;)。そのニ!!陽菜ちゃんのリアルなやられっぷり!これは超必見ですぞ!!そしてそのサンはなんと言ってもそう!鉄壁だあああッ!!!しかも今回は両脇から迫る壁ッ!!!全身の骨をミシミシと砕きつつ、最悪のラストに向けて状況はまっしぐらに進んでゆきます…そしてラストはなんと……マジでッ!?こんなんアリッ!!??…超乞う期待!!!!!



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