Inshadow – DARK HOUSE

Inshadow – DARK HOUSE

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Fayth is a young girl reading at home after school and listening music. She does not hear the female masked intruder sneaking behind her, and suddenly chloroforming her,… Unconscious, she is stripped, kissed and fondled by the unknown lesbian attacker. She wakes up ball-gagged and tied up.The intruder , now naked as well, save for her boots and ski mask, kisses her and starts to play with the bound girl, penetrating, raping her using a dildo, She takes the gag out of her victim’s mouth and then sadistically enjoys slowly strangling her victim. She takes her time, not applying too much pressure at first, making it lasting longer. Little thing she knows they have been spied for a moment by Fayth’s stepfather, a monster who is abusing the young girlr for a while, and enjoys the scene. As Gina, the masked lesbian intruder, is screaming in pleasure, enjoying the last gasp of the young Fayth, the guy sneaks inside the room and quickly wrap a latex sheet over Gina’s head, instantely starting to suffocate her. It is already too late for Fayth, her wide open eyes starring at empty space, but Gina is fighting , trying to get rid of the material from her nose and mouth. The latex sheet is a quick way to smother someone, no place left for tiny air inside, and soon Gina’s mouth sucks on it a very last time before collapsing. The guy is amused by all this, all that jealousy , madness and hate inside this house, eventually ending by everyone’s death, and put carnival masks over the girl’s faces…

TAGS; F/F chloroform , lesbian fondling, Bondage , Lesbian rape with dildo, Female intruder masked/booted, F/F long strangulation torture, victim let to take breath (coughing) 2 times before final strangling. Lesbian intruder attacked while masturbating, suffocation with latex sheet,…



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