Inshadow – Fetishist Killers Couple

Inshadow – Fetishist Killers Couple

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Catburglar and burglar invade the home of a business lady. Both are wearing rubber gloves , the girl a shiny catsuit, boots and leather jacket. They search the house and find a drawer full of pantyhoses and start to play with them. They both like nylon pantyhose, and start to make out.

The Lady comes home unexpected. She’s dressed in miniskirt, blouse, jacket, shiny pantyhose and boots. The intruders quickly put some pantyhose over their head, and overpower the young business girl, handgagging her and knocking her out by smothring. She wakes up a moment later to be forced at gunpoint to undress. She is tied up spreadeagle on the bed, wearing only her pantyhose and boots. Another stocking is stuffed into her mouth and a pantyhose is put over her head, securing the stuffed gag. Helpless, the captive is at the mercy of the sexual assaults and perversion of the couple… The man first starts to rape the victim, meanwhile his rubbered hands squeeze her neck, chocking her till she eventually passes out. It’s catwoman’s turn to assault the unfortunate victim. She takes off the pantyhose from the girl’s head and removes the gag as the blonde starts to regain consciousness, and quickly wraps the pantyhose around her neck, strangling her again. Turned on again, the man joins the scene back, unties the victim’ s hands and starts to strangle her himself to death while his girlfriend is enjoying. But this is not enough for the crazed, he turns against his accomplice and suddenly grabs her neck from behind, using another pantyhose…

TAGS; HOME INVASION, PANTYHOSE FETISH, RUBBER GLOVES FETISH, CATSUIT FETISH, BOOTS, Hand over mouth, KO by smothering, forced strip, manual strangling, strangling using pantyhose, blonde and brunette, M/F and F/F rape, bondage, …

Fetishist Killers Couple

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