Inshadow – Infiltrator : Uniform Stealing

Inshadow – Infiltrator : Uniform Stealing

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: War is unfortunately raging these days on the east european front…and some officers found advantages in it…fucking the youngest recruited girls freshly called on duty…

Private Jody is one of them, she is led to that officer, and does her duty … giving him a blowjob…he then sends her back to her sentry job without other form.

Jody is outside now , unaware a girl from the rebellion has been assignated to murder the officer and is hiding in a corner waiting for the proper time to act.

As the officer leaves his room, Jody gets back in for a moment, it is cold in this time of the year. The rebel sneaks behind her and strangles her to death, steals her uniform and wears it herself , then hides clothes and body under the bed….

As the officer comes back, he is surprised to find an “unknown” sentry in front of the door… another fresh recruit probabely…They engage conversation and, as he uses to do, leads this new one inside…to bed.

The rebellious girl reaches her gun in order to complete her mission, but the guy is trained to such situation, and quickly overpowers her, smoothering her with a pillow,….

TAGS: UNIFORM STEALING, erotic set up, army girls, sentry garotted with rope, smoothering to death by pillow, body hiding,…

Infiltrator Uniform Stealing

Infiltrator Uniform Stealing.mp4

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