Inshadow – Photo Serie 1 – 320 PhotoSets


Inshadow – Photo Serie 1 – 320 PhotoSets

Categories: Necro, Strangle, Hanging, Death Fetish, Nude Girls, Original, Maniac, Lesbian, Bagging, Erotic


Office Accident- STARRING LINA & WENONA, Lina is a ruthless executive who plans to fire her entire staff, but one worker finds Lina first and ends her career Strangling her and enjoying her dying then lifeless outstanding body, 48 ROBERTC44, JEALOUSY BETWEEN MODELS- STARRING Martina Warren, Emily Marilyn & Eden, There is a rough war in that models contest and when a cute new blondie is trying to take her chance she is quickly taken off backstage and hanged by her competitors, 76 ROBERTC44, DEADLY REFORM SCHOOL- STARRING Lux Kassidy & Naughty Ginger, Sasha is a naughty, arrogant girl at a reform school that does not tolerate misbehavior. When the dean of students calls her into the office for discipline, Sasha thinks it is a joke. But she has never met a dean like the beautiful, powerful, and deadly Lux Kassidy. Lux humiliates Sasha, seduces her, and then calmly strangles her. The horrified Sasha soon slumps lifeless in her chair, and Lux moves on to check for other student troublemakers., EMBER’S HARD BREAKOUT – STARRING EMBER SKYE & KENDRA JAMES, Ember relaxes with a sex toy after breaking up with Kendra, but Kendra won’t let Ember leave her alive., Your body is mine – a lesbian deadly love story29, A lesbian drowns her lover in the tub then enjoys her body, feet and fingers she just couldn’t stand her friend had affairs with men and wanted to leave her, The end of a killer bitch31, The hitwoman failed her last mission and pays the price with her life – strangling, shooting in mouth, My expensive studies4 new, Photoset taken while we were shooting the movie with extended bondage and rape scene, The last minutes of the hostage2, The title says it all , LOVE & HATE43, How not to be envious of her she is successful and got everything she wants especially from men those disgusting men she fucks all the time when I am here and I love her but she will never love me, The last Rebecca’s thoughts as she watch her best friend sleeping she grabs a pillow and quickly covers her friend’s face with it suffocating her to death, keywords: pillow suffocation, lesbian rape, maniac, foot fetish,, My Wife’s fantasy07 new, He wanted to please her about her fantasy to be bound and choked while having sex but the game went too far..he really enjoyed it..till he realized he was cum’n in her wife’s lifeless body, Noosy Roommate60 new, caught from behind, strangling, lesbian necro sex, When a catfight leads to necrophilia72, catfight, strangling, lesbian necro sex, HANGING THE SERVANT80, Sexy outfit, Hanging, Post-mortem sex, , NECROPHILIAC LESBIAN 298, lesbians, strangling, bound legs fetish, dildo and post-mortem play, A LOVE STORY18, Pantyhose fetish, strangling, and NECRO SEX XXX, NECROPHILIAC LESBIAN85, A lesbian discovers too late her new lover has a taste for strangling and playing with her dead partners, TOYS ATTACK21, A wild fantasy about a girl and her toys they get to life and are really bad they learned from the best the humans about rape and murder, Deadly beads tease48, She wants to please him, using dildo and fucking herself using beads inserting them deep inside her this turned him on but not as taking her life..and fuck her once done, Necro By Accident41, A horny girl is about to take a bath she plays with herself but slips knocks her head and drowns Found dead by her boyfriend He will finally enjoy his necro-sex fantasy, Killing the lesbian socks fetishist12, Two lesbians with a fetish for high socks have sex, one of them is a psycho strangler and will enjoy her partner’s sprawling corpse, Hanging my Roommate13, A psycho lesbian surprises her roomates during her sleep, hangs her to death and enjoys her body, DISTURBED LESBIAN HIPPIES14, TWO LESBIANS HIPPIES ARE SEEKING FOR ROUGH SEX, FOLLOWS A CATFIGHT, BUT IT GOES TOO ROUGH AND ONE OF THEM SUFFOCATES THE OTHER TO DEATH, WHAT TO DO IN THIS CASE? OBVIOUSLY PUT A STRAPON ON THE DEAD BODY AND ENJOY IT, Strangled for her feet02, She agreed to indulge his foot fetish, but playing dead as he wanted was too much so he had to force things a little bit, LESBIAN SUICIDE77, Two lesbian lovers decide to end up their lives in the best possible way One suffocates the other with her pussy then stabs herself, My mistress killed me 41, A lesbian in love with a sexy blond who has some taste for domination and bdsm stuff, brutally finds out her lover is into necro as she is slowly suffocated under her pussy!!!, My Brother’s desires71, Greg is returning home to find his sister hanging and dead Suicide? Murder? He will think to call for help a bit later, right now, the arousal of her offered sister’s body wakes up all the unnatural and often fetish fantasies he had about her since their childhood, Don’t cum in my mouth!35, Having sex at first meeting was already a lot for the shy girl. When she refused him to cum in her mouth, he became violent and suffocated her with a pillow, Violent break up 22, I know what you did this summer30, Two lesbians who recently met have a discussion. One of them discovered things about her new friend that she would have better kept for herself In order to keep her secret, the psycho girl will kill her lover and have sex with the body as a last kiss goodnight, So HOT when COLD99, DEAD END36, Sometimes they come back17, Fait divers62, Such a nice girl07, Foolish Game07, A hanging game turns into murder and rape, Forced Girl57 !!!, Threatened by a knife, the young girl had no choice but to please the intruder in any way he wants his ultimate pleasure being to strangle her and enjoy her lifeless body, That Night in Ankara38 new, I met this girl in a bar of Ankara, Turkey. I was in holidays so she was she just broke up with her boyfriend and needed some attention I am not a playboy but this was quite an easy date, After some foreplay I led her into a game my kind of game I have to tell you I have a wickness for hanging girls, Drinks and nargile helping, she didn’t mind till she realized the game was over, Domestic Violence31 new, My dirty little niece42 new, Babydoll I wanna fuck you dead26 new, Lesbian play goes wrong92 new, Naughty Secretary, Strangle the Pig69, That dirty girl is strangled from behind while fucking, Bloody Friday87, Dead for pleasure, Scissors, Threesome, Outside Fun, Wrong moment32, Natural Born Killers 253, Evil Angel58 new, Deadly Bath, Asphyx is fun, if you are the killer, Dirty Lesbians- drowning04, Rupture57, Deadly Sunday38, First Date14, Sex Crime50, The Hanging of Lucia, The Fifth Victim, Back Home, Bedroom attack, Sleeping, Starring Christina, Relaxing, Starring Lena, Watching tv, Starring new model Lucia, The death photographer, Starring new model Ingrid, A young model falls into the trap of a sick photographer, Glued Tongues Suffocation7, Did you ever see two girls gasping for air as their tongues are strongly sticked together?, starring Onyx, Danielle Trixie & Pandora, Ritual, Shaina, Dying in Bed by the rope, Martina Warren & Scratch_Audio, Leopard Girl, Tease, Stranded in killing18, A hooker becomes hostage, victim and unwanted witness when her client is chased by a hitman, Ending her Fantasy, by RobertC44, Last wash, Deadly Wedding 2, Deadly Wedding 2, Death of a Beauty Queen, Starring Lux & Celeste, Production Office23, Production Office, Trapped, Starring Jaden Starr, Kendra James & Wednesday, Motel Abuse74, Interrupted Pleasure, Starring Nicotine & Lina, Erotica, Lina Bags Danielle Trixie, Electro Shock, Lovers, Strangled in Fur, Fighting Tigresses, Double, Die for the camera, Martina Warren & Scratch_Audio, Final massage, by RobertC44, Night Duty, Charlie Laine, Wenona, and Angelique Kithos, The Queen is Dead, 73 new, A beauty pageant winner snubs two runner-ups, who make her pay for her rude behavior. They grab the snobbish young woman, strip her, and humiliate her. Then they wrap her sash around her neck and start to choke her. They are having so much fun that they keep pulling on the sash until the horrified pageant queen dies in their arms. The women then take her crown as a souvenir; after all, it belongs to the runner-ups now., Fatal Shower, Disturbated Roommates Revenge, Fatal Shower, The Stockholm Syndrome, Kimberly Marvel bags Tracy Jordan, Photograph by RobertC44, A husband hires a hit-woman to get rid of his wife. She poses as a maseuse, begins to seduce the wife, then pulls a plastic bag over her face. The wife struggles, but she is no match for the hit-woman, who will soon be calling the husband with some bad news.,, , Plan of Career, X file, Savannah and Nicotine, Rival Scream Queens, Savannah and Nicotine are star fetish models who have each appeared as beautiful victims in horror movies. They take time for Inshadow to settle a rivalry:, Nicotine boasts that she is a better horror actress than Savannah. But while Nicotine daydreams about becoming the most popular “Scream Queen” in Hollywood, Savannah decides to make Nicotine give a surprise final performance in a real death scene., Domina for hire, Lina and Wenona, Fatal Gift, Lina learns that her boyfriend has sent a box of chocolates to her flirtatious room-mate, Wenona. Wenona dreams of an affair, but Lina has other plans for her. She smothers Wenona with her hands, strips her, and hogties her. Wenona wakes up just in time to feel a stocking go around her throat, as Lina calmly, efficiently strangles her. Now Lina is ready to enjoy both Wenona and the chocolates., Executed, Twins 2, Martina Warren ( Pet of the year for penthouse in 2004) and Pandora in, A Perfect Pet6, A young blonde woman has been trained to obey her mistress totally: she is the perfect sex slave. After years of playing with her pet, the mistress puts her to a final test, squeezing her throat harder and harder. The eager young woman at first enjoys her mistress’s sensual grip, then panics, but it is too late. The mistress shows no mercy, leaving her blonde pet lying on the floor, a perfect victim. The mistress will find new pets, Lina & Pandora in A rich domme relaxes at home until a stronger rival takes over, Too Prudish, Freshening, Kimberley Marvel bags Wenona0, The Dark Room, Jealous of you – starring Savannah & Kim Daniels, The Dark Room 24, Jealous of you – starring Savannah & Kim Daniels, Ghost tub – starring Kimberly Marvel, Meet the stranger, Darenzia bagging Jade Indica, Hotel hell, Miracles strangles Ember Skye02, Hotel hell, Vivian hanging Ginger, Medic, Samantha Taped, Jenny in the shower, Lenka, Assaulted Nurse, Assaulted Nurse, Lab 4, Crime Scene Investigation, Drunks, Savannah, Danielle, & Samantha Grace in OUT OF CONTEST, Drunks, Hostages of terror, Hostages of terror, Hanged Skater, Witness, Ester’sDies in Isobel Wren’s hands, Chasing photostory – Svetlana unfortunate victim of her john, Kerry hangs Carly Erin,, Mad Photographer, Dancers’s fan, Lolypop, Interactive Photostory: The Operator – Adrianna, Strangling or Bagging?, 157, The Purple Ribbon and pantyhose, Bagged and strangled hooker65, Fetish models competition, Claire Adams, Anastasia Pierce, and Molly Matthews, Claire Adams, Anastasia Pierce, and Molly Matthews are competing to be the top fetish model. Claire and Molly decide to eliminate Anastasia from the competition. They hang Anastasia, but just as Molly starts to celebrate, Claire takes over, turns Molly into a meek sub girl, and hangs her too., Jealous, Psycho Lesbians strike back, Kim Daniels and Ember Skye found in Amo their new victim to strangle in their depraved trip to hell, Bathroom Garotte, Supermodel Darenzia runs into a jealous rival, Darienza, a fetish top model (Visit her website ) ran into some trouble with Jade Indica, a rival. Jade can not take it anymore, she strangles Darienza to death and enjoys her limb body, OMG he is a pervert!, Hitmen, Bikini Models Casting, With NiKky Sebastian & Vivian, A killer for another, Sleepy tale, With Vivian & Ginger, Behind The Scene, Deadly Summer Play, Mad Sisters, Svetlana & Aurelia, Zombi, With Graziella, Fatal Evening, Surpise! Bitch!, With Wenona and Danielle, She Spy, With Lena & Maria, Sliver 2, With Ines, She Spy, With Maria, Sleep, With Emi, At her mercy, With Kerri and Isobel Wren, Fugitive, Kissy’s confidence, Tongue to Tongue, Ginger and Nikky Sebastian tied up together and hanged close, by RobertC44, Caught, Ember Skye Hangs Miracles, by RobertC44,, Leather Bitch, Natural Born Killers, A Night of Terror, A couple in trouble and a maid02 new, Pervert story,, The settlement, Machiavelian, Twins story, Dead Bath, Club, Cling, Neck Massage50, House Maniac, Hidden Artist, Amazon, Playing49, Naughty Carmen, Top Model Obsession, starring Nikky, Top Model Obsession, 169 – starring Nikky, Treesome – Miss contest, starring Winona, Pandora & Simone Kross, By RobertC44, Dealing with problem, starring Olga, FETISH SHOCK10, starring Krystina, Visit to a friend, interactive story, Weird Fetisher 2, One night’s girlfriend, starring Jade and Pandora, by RobertC44, Maid At Work93, starring Lucie, Ang(h)er, starring Nyx and Vivian, by RobertC44, Trip in Poland, Starring Sharka, Poor little rich girl, starring Natasha, Countryside Girl, Thai Trip, Princess Nyx garroted, starring Nyx and Vivian, She liked pantyhose and breathplay..once – starring Emi, Make sure twice she is dead – starring Carly & Kerri, Diabolik, Lesbian Game – starring Ginger & Mayhem, Rivals – starring Kerri & Nikki, Sheena’s Fan, Gipsy, Sticks & Yoga, Summer Time Part 2, Starring Lena, Summer Time Part 1, Starring Lena, Strangled with her own hair!, Ange Venus & Claire Adams, Liz Porn, Not a Toy, Last Shower, Interview, Undercover Kitty, Fight in the tub, One night at Motel, Kinky Girl Bagged, (Charlee), Yakusa Payback, (Kimiko), Girls/Girls, (Anastasia Pierce, Venus may, and others), Incident, End of a Star, Future Wars, Necro stef gallery 2, Week End Slave, Follies, Necro Stef samples, Rock’n Roll Girl, Sisters, Part 1, Anger, Killing Intent, Bathrobe, Kidnapping, Blind Date, Plastic Man, Hostage Nurse, Dream Horror, School spanks & strangles, The Unmarried, Secretary, Walkwood, Hooter, Shattered Innocence, business girl, Stalked, A wife, a husband and a prostitute, PART 1 & 2, Her husband’s friend, PART 1, Her husband’s friend, PART 2, Her husband’s friend, PART 3, Deadly Wedding, Angel Vs Sinister, Cams, Bathroom Assault, Sedena’s Job, Tell Me!, Cluedo, Alone, Hot Summer, Burgled, Passing By, Bad Treatment, Lace, Lesbian fun, Photoshoot, Unmasked, Secret Agent, Maid of Orleans, Spy Game, No safe anywhere, Die my Darling, Between 5 and 7, WASTING, Home Alone, Voyeur, After Hours, Terror, Tormented, Drowned Maid, Psycho, Callgirl, Supergirl, Worker, Cat Burglar, Cops, Mad Love, Police Story, Watcher, Exotic Dancer, Fur Strangling, Double Drowning, Bagged & Hanged, Porno Star, Perverse Play, Western Hanging, Female Killer, Kamasutra, Cleaning day, The old buddy’s revenge, Office, A Boring Day, Candy Girl, Screwed, Military Service, whiteman, No Escape, It was the night of Christmas, Interactive story – Bondage or strangling, The bathtub, The EX, The housewife, Death of a bitch, The housewife, The housewife, The Hanging Fetisher, Unfaithfull

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