Inshadow – Seance

Inshadow – Seance

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Emmanuelle and Dave are from a local news station assigned to do a live report to give the viewing audience a taste of the season. They are doing a special report on a local house that is said to be haunted by an infamous cannibalistic serial killer, “Crooked Jack,” of bygone days, who was executed for sexually molesting and killing female victims in this very home, now owned by current owner Mr. Harvey. Mr. Harvey claims to be a psychic, and has given the news station permission to do the special news report in his home. Specifically, Dave and Emmanuelle are to do a pre-recorded live séance with Mr. Harvey as a Halloween special treat.

The séance soon turns to horror as the killer’spirit possesses the medium, and later the cameraman, in order to torture, rape and kill the young reporter….


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