Inshadow – Silence of the Lambs: Escape from the Asylum

Inshadow – Silence of the Lambs: Escape from the Asylum

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian, Strangle

Description: Gina has been locked up into a mental institution after having been found guilty of several horrific murders. A detective from the national investigation agency , gifted with some psychological skill, attempts to find out the truth about some other unsolved murder, insisting to be left alone with the convicted.

Gina, acting as usual, living in her own fairy world, takes advantage of a moment to subdue the young female detective, strangling her till she passes out…The criminal’s plan is easy…stealing her victim’s identity and get away with it… she undresses the unconscious detective..but this lesbian criminal has other needs too…so she takes some minutes from her precious time to enjoy, litteraly to rape, Jody’s body. Unfortunately for the young detective, she wakes up too early, finding herself being fucked by the murderer she had to interrogate…Gina does not hesitate a second…she grabs the latex sheet the doctors left her to play with( for some reason, that latex sheet seemed to calm her down. “Selfasphyxia fantasy” doctors said…harmless…”) …Actually what gives her pleasure…and uses that sheet to smother the agent.

Gina enjoys every moment of it…having orgasm after orgasm, suffocating Jody till she finally gave her last spasm out…

Gina can now get dressed with her victim ‘s clothes ( on screen) and escape..

TAGS: set-up, manual strangling, asphyx with latex sheet, lesbian, serial killer, ….

Silence of the Lambs - Escape from the Asylum
Silence of the Lambs – Escape from the Asylum.mp4

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