UnderWater Serie – Alainas Drowning

Alainas Drowning.0017

UnderWater Serie – Alainas Drowning

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Description: Alaina and I spent the day at the beach. We’re both exhausted and she is sunburnt. She decides to take a bath before bed so we’re talking between the rooms. She stops talking so I call out to her to see if she is OK. No response. I get up to check on her and she’s completely submerged under the water. I pull her out and lay her down on a towel on the bathroom floor. I listed for her breathing but she’s silent. I tilt her head back, pinch her nose closed, open her mouth and blow. Nothing. I repeat a few times. Nothing. I clasp my hands together and press hard on her chest, desperately trying to revive her. Back to her mouth. I straddle her and give her hard stomach compressions, hoping the water will come up and she will come to. Maybe I should try the other side. Tilt, squeeze, open, blow, more compressions until she finally spurts out a mouth full of water and comes to. A few different angles are shown throughout this video.

Alainas Drowning
Alainas Drowning.wmv

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