Peachy Keen Films – Bachlorette Party


Peachy Keen Films – Bachlorette Party

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Emma Beth, Machelle Morgan, and Veronica Sweet

3 girls are having a party for their friend who is getting married. They are all ******* out on her bed, exploring each other in a fun way. Kissing, touching, and finally fondling until they all orgasm together. Aww to be young and horny.

In the livingroom they are drunk. They stagger up all at once to answer the door. It’s the pizza guy. The pull him in and start molesting him—giving him a lap dance. He warns them of his weak heart and a few minutes later, he is unresponsive.

They think he is dead, but they don’t want him to ruin thier party. They drag him off the couch and put him in the closet to worry about later.

2 hours later, the girls are asleep–passed out.

The pizza guy wakes up and he is bent on revenge.

He wraps a cord around a girl who is sleeping on the sofa. She comes too and starts to struggle. He is a big guy and has the garrote tight around her young, soft neck. She bucks wildly, tossing her arms and legs about. Her tongue lashed out, her eyes peer widely through her glasses. After a long, long struggle, she finally fades away. He takes the garrote off, looks at the bruising on her next, then hides and waits for others.

In the bedroom, Machelle wakes up. She walks down the hall, seeing Emma on the couch. When she realizes she is dead, frightened, she back right up into the killer.

He grabs her by the neck and lifts her up off her feet. Holding her by her neck, he ********* her. She tries to fight, kicking her legs, hitting him. Nothing works. Eventually, after a good fight, she goes limp. He holds her for a few more seconds, then lets her fall limply to the floor.

He looks the two dead girls over then heads to the bedroom.

He finds the last girl still asleep. He straddles her, moving his hands on her body, touching her breasts.

She wakes up and he puts his hand around her throat. She cannot breath. Her body comes to life, bucking and arching, hands trying to fight. Soon she bucks him off to the side, but his hand stay tightly on her neck. She struggles, thrusting her pelvis, eyes wide, tongue out.

After a while, her body gives up and she goes still–tongue flopping out of her mouth.

He spends a moment looking at her, then goes out to the livingroom and grabs his stuff, looks at the two girls, and leaves.

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