Peachy Keen Films – Break For Murder

Peachy Keen Films – Break For Murder

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Sisters Emily and Heidi live together in a small house while attending college. Today, a pair of brothers works outside on their deck. Heidi decides to offer the boys something cold to drink while Emily goes downstairs to get ready for school. While Heidi gets the drinks, the two brothers plot to murder her. Boldly entering the house, the younger brother, Jake, attacks Heidi, bending her over the sink while his older brother Chris watches. After a while, Jake grabs a knife on the counter and runs it across young Heidi’s throat. Her ***** squirts out as she gargles and coughs. She grows weaker and weaker as her ***** leaks out of her neck wound, slumping down into the sink.
Jake motions to his brother with the knife — handing the bloody murder weapon to him and reminding him about the girl downstairs. Chris runs down to confront Emily. Meanwhile, Jake lifts Heidi’s dying body out of the sink and positions her whole body on the counter. As she bleeds out, her body spasms and shakes. Her breathing slows and finally she is still.
Downstairs, Chris catches Emily as she leaves the bathroom. Grabbing her by the throat, he spins her into the sliding glass door, then slices her throat — spilling her ***** on the glass. More ***** comes out of her mouth and smears on the door as she slowly slides down. On the floor, she twitches and spasms. ***** covers her. As she slows down, Chris cuts and tears of her shirt — exposing her perky breasts. He watches as she slows and finally dies.
Both brothers leave in a hurry. Lots of camera pans of both death girls follow.

Break For Murder

Break For Murder.wmv

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