Peachy Keen Films – Closing Time

Peachy Keen Films – Closing Time

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: The manager of a local strip club decides to kill all the girls and whomever else happens to show up.
First, he attacks one of the hottest girls in the club. He snaps her smooth neck and she instantly crumples to the stage floor. He takes his time, slowly stripping her, then caressing her legs, tummy and supple breasts. When done, he drags her off to hide her.

A second girl comes out looking for her friend. This girl has big wide eyes and beautiful face. She is tall and dark, perhaps of Indian descent. He is behind her out of nowhere and drags her off, they fight and struggle, but soon he has her own shirt around her neck. They tumble too the floor. She is strong and fights, but in time she weakens and slows, her legs going from kicking to spasms. When she is dead and staring, he recklessly flips her over then drags her off.

The girl in the dressing room is about ready to head home, but when she look up in the mirror, the killer attacks. They both tumble to the floor. She fights hard and long, but, like the others, dies a horrible death, the air choked out of her, mouth agape, eyes wide in terror and death.

Then yet another girl comes in looking for her friends, but only finds Christopher, the night manager. He has a confession to make and tells her the truth of the night. She is asks to dance for him and the young girl does out of shear fear. She tries to leave, but he is on her young nude form in an instant. This blonde has no chance as he throttle her viciously until she can kick and struggle no more.

Closing Time

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