Peachy Keen Films – Cuffed Together

Peachy Keen Films – Cuffed Together

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Two young girls, abducted from a local college, wake up in a dingy shower, cuffed together, nude, cold and wet. An unknown man takes the first girl out and viciously ********* her. She struggles intensely — kicking, spreading her legs, hitting him, mouth wide open, struggling to catch a breath. Then it happens, he releases his grip and she is able to breathe for a moment and thinks she might live through this. But the moment passes and an instant later he is back on her with even more intensity. She bucks, but it soon turns to spasms and random muscle reactions. She slows to just a few quivers, then she is dead. He touches her warm corpse then poses her on the bed. Next, he takes the other scared girl out to the same room and, without mercy and after showing her her dead friend, he ********* her next to and on top of the other dead girl. She is a fighter too and it takes a long, long time to kill her. It starts with fierce intensity, her legs spread apart and flopping about in crazy chaos. She beats him and tries to pull his hands off. But he is as strong and determined to kill her as she is to live. But, her life is not meant to continue and soon the struggle subsides and she is left jerking, quivering, spasming until, with a couple more barely visible movements, she is dead. Her mouth is open along with her lifeless staring eyes. He then spends a while slowly posing them and finally cuffs their wrists and ankles together.

Cuffed Together

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