Peachy Keen Films – Dating Game 3


Peachy Keen Films – Dating Game 3

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: The game was nearing an end. That asshole, Mr. Pink went off procedure and got one of the best videos of a kill so far. He was not punished. Mr. Green needed this win, and he thought his plan, would be the best of them all.

He had been really dating this girl for 2 weeks now. They had been meeting at the coffee how, getting to know each other. He was taking a page from that book that all the married housewives and closet romantics are into are into—shads of grey or something. It was an acting job for sure. He had to pretend to be kind and gentle, with a hint—just a hint of a dark side to get this innocent little bitch interested.

It worked. Tonight, she was at his place and wet between the legs for him. She was ready to go to his dark place. What she didn’t know is, what she thought would be kinky fun, was going to be so much more.

She was suspended by her wrists. It is clearly evident that he had been working her over for sometime. She was sweaty. She had whip and other marks on her body.

But he was not done. Oh no. He was just getting started. With the cameras rolling, this contest was on and he was sure to come out a winner.

More punching and beating—watching her beg underneath her ball gag—bleeding now. She was so messed up, but he made him want her more. But he still had more work to do. He used the pipe on her to great effect. Almost knocked her out. That would not do. So, he switched to the cattle prod for some electric fun. She hated it of course, but he savored the reactions for the jolts he was giving her.

Now, he changed it up again. Tossing a mattress down, he raped her. He fucked her tight pussy for a good while. She screamed and pleaded through her gag. She was crying the whole time.

But, he would be running out of tape soon and needed to end this video so he could get it entered by the midnight deadline.

Time to kill her.

He wrapped the rope tightly around her neck. At first, he was tease–he would cinch the rope tight, watch—feel the intensity of her body tense and struggle, then release the tension. He did this a few times, terrorizing her beyond belief. But, he got tired of the game. It was time for her to die now. Her whole sweaty body spasmed and kicked. She went on for a while, a good fight in her. She drooled a bit, her legs and muscles would tighten and shake. He kept it tight until she was no longer moving.

A bonus time now. Most of the other contestants had done this. Some reluctantly. Some, because they wanted to. He absolutely wanted to. He spread her lets and let his cock slide into the girls still tight pussy. She was warm–yet dead. It was a conflicting situation, but it also made it even more intense. She was alive moments ago and he was fucking her. Now she was not alive–and he was fucking her again. The difference, he noted, was that when she was dead—there was much less noise, much less resistance. He could go hard and deep–like before, but he found he actually enjoyed this bitch dead a little more.

He kept fucking her until he burst. He then made his way out, grabbing his camera and off to the drop off box, leaving her dead and cooling on the mattress in the abandoned building to be found by the rats.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Beating, Torture, Crying, Sweat, Cattle Prod, Hitting, Punching, Rape, Strangle and Release, Garrote Strangle, Necro Sex, Foot Views, Body Views.

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