Peachy Keen Films – Die 4 Dealing

Peachy Keen Films – Die 4 Dealing

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Two roommates site and talk. Chloe confronts Heidi, who has been dealing drugs to supplement her rent. Heidi assures her everything is fine.

But things are not fine as the crash of glass and wood announced a mad man. He grabs Chloe around the neck in a hold. Not-so-loyal roomy Heidi is scrambling to get out the window, but he has her hair and roughly yanks her back onto the bed. He punches her several times while keeping his hold on the other girl.

With Heidi unconsciousness, he tries to out Chloe. When that does not work, he breaks her neck. She flops dead next to her roommate. He picks her up and carries her out of the room.

Now he has Heidi’s full attention. She comes two and panics. She tries to squirm away, but he has her right where he wants her. She sold him some bad drugs and he was going to make her pay. He punches her repeatedly in the belly. She vomits up some of her lunch, a little in her hair, on the floor. He yanks her up, licking it off of her. He was a sick fuck, and she knew she know her chance was low for survival.

He grabbed her by the throat and pulled her up too him.

He pulled out a garrote and she tried to get away again, but he kept her near him as he wrapped it around her petite neck.

She kicked and fought. He held her tight against him, the garrote digging into her soft flesh. Her face contorted as she struggled to get air. Her legs kicked and bucked, her feet reached out for nothing.

She fought for a long, long time, be as she grew weaker, her muscles started to spasm. Her pelvis bumped and humped the air, eventually resting as her whole body tensed up, then relaxed, then the process repeated.

Her tongue stayed out through most of the , as if it was reaching for the air. When she finally died, it slowly fell back into her mouth.

She was a pretty girl, young, maybe 18. He could of had her sexually if he wanted. He had no interest. He wanted one thing. He tossed her off of him like a flimsy ragdoll. Then, he set about tearing apart her place, looking for her stash. When he could not find it in her dresser, he lifted her mattress and sheets, tossing her lifeless young corpse this way and that.

Finally, he decided it must be on her. He roughly removed all her clothes. When he pulled off her panties, he saw where it was.

Pulling it out, this was the stuff he murdered for. He had what he wanted and left the room, leaving Heidi, dead, sprawled and spread on the bed–eyes wide, mouth open.

But, he returned, this time with her roommate. He laid her cold naked body on the bed, gave them both one last though of his, then left.

Chloe was not quite on the bed, so she started slipping off, eventually falling to the floor.
Die 4 Dealing

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