Peachy Keen Films – Dirty Morgue

Peachy Keen Films – Dirty Morgue

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Today’s victim was found earlier, half-buried in moist dirt and covered with leaves and moss, off a trail at the local jogging park. This “Jane Doe” was discovered nude, and has a single gunshot wound to her left breast. In this preliminary examination, the morgue technician reveals her body, wrapped in a sheet of plastic within the body bag to preserve evidence. He cleans off some of the larger chunks of dirt, removes and bags the leaves and moss, then carefully removes her body from the plastic and body bag onto the stainless steel examination table. He finishes cleaning her off, then starts the process of carefully going over her body for additional exterior evidence. Once done, he then examines her body for abrasions and bruises, flipping her on her side to check her back as well. He then carefully swabs her fingers and continues to observe, check, and make written notes about her body and it’s condition. Her feet and legs are also closely examined. All her limbs are moved in some way on the process of checking for evidence or bruising. When finished, he leaves to go log in his report and “Jane Doe” will lie and wait for the medical examiner to conduct an autopsy later.

Dirty Morgue

Dirty Morgue.wmv

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