Peachy Keen Films – Double-Cross – Sexy Spy Strangled

Peachy Keen Films – Double-Cross – Sexy Spy Strangled

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: She was on the phone with her boss. An encrypted call. She assured him the transfer would go as planned. 8pm. Then, she would “take care of the mark”. She smiled at the thought. It was the part of her job she enjoyed most.

Later, she sat on the couch, loading up her purse for the short drive to the meeting. Keys, laser cutting watch, poisoned tipped knife, 9mm with armor piercing hollow point round in a 15 clip mag…..the normal stuff a girl carries.

She opened the door and Igor burst in, first grabbing her lethal purse, tossing it away from her. She struck a blow to his head, then to his side, went for a 3rd, and he dodged. She flew forward against the door, spin and was back for the lethal kick with her razor tipped heel. She missed. He took the moment to taunt her before taking her down with a leg kick to her head.

She was scrambled. He pulled her up by her hair, got her twisted around then slid the wire garrote across and around her pretty neck. She would be done soon he know. But, she was not about to go down so easy. She had training for this.

He had her almost off the ground for a few moments, knowing the leverage would take his mark down fast, but she managed to disturb his balance and they both went down. He pulled her up against him, using the couch as support and pulled tight. He watched as her face contorted, her tongue thrashed out, veins popping. She twisted and bucked and he let her slide him down to the floor where he knew he would finally be able to control the kill.

She bucked and heaved, hips thrusting, legs thrashing, head twisting, tongue out, eyes staring at him in defiance. But over time, that changed and he watch the valid attempt of the this super spy slowly fail. She was good, he gave her that, like the time in Spain with the zip-line and detonator, but he knew he had her beat now.

Slowly she relaxed, her legs—firm, long, clad in pantyhose, with one small rip–so sexy he observed, down her right leg. Slowly she settled and he watched her look at him, then after a while, she was not really looking at anything anymore. Then, she just stopped. He had done it. Killed her. She would haunt him no more and his agency has gotten rid of a bitter rival that had been–had seemed unstoppable. Not anymore.

This truce they were to meet tonight, share information–a microdot she would provide and he—well, it no longer mattered. He keeps his information and gets hers. Win.

Now, where was it.

He slowly dig through her purse, making casual note of all the lethality contained within as her body lay cooling on the floor. He could not help thinking how sexy she was. And, at one time, they had been together, always trying to kill each other in the end. Fucking and killing.

Now he started on her, slowly up her pantyhose clad legs and feeling the soft fabric of her dress. And, she was dresses quite nice. He wondered why–she was just going to kill him anyhow. Maybe, she had more planned. Sex. He could only speculate now as she stared blankly at the ceiling.

He rolled her, unzipping her dress, felt her ass, rolled her back, felt her more. He checked around her head, hair. Nothing.

Then, he knew. In her purse was her agency issued watch, which she would always wear. But not today–today, it was a different watch. He listed. Not a sound. It was a dummy, just for transport. He had it.

He straightened her out, wrapped her up in a blanket and carried her out.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Fighting, Spy, Garrote Strangle, Pantyhose, Searching, Body Views.


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