Peachy Keen Films – Girls Night Out

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Peachy Keen Films – Girls Night Out

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Ivy, Maizee, Karma, Aurora, Vance, and Ezra

Ivy, Maizee, Karma, and Aurora have just gotten back from a spectacular girls night out! Vance has given them all a ride back to their apartment and they are quite tipsy and very energetic. They thank Vance for the ride and on the way out he sets off a gas bomb behind them. He calls Ezra and tells him he has something for him.

They slowly start to fall die from the gas as it seeps into the room silently. Ivy doesnТt think sheТs drunk, so she gets up and starts to pace and half-dance around the room until she collapses on a coffee table, dead.

Ezra and Vance arrive and begin playing with the four beautiful bodies. They fondle their skin, run their hands over their breasts and take in their supple, lifeless figures.

They slowly strip off all of their clothes, admiring the works of art underneath. They set them on the floor in a pile, positioning them to their liking. They leave the room, their methodical plan complete.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Multi-Girl, Drunk, Gas, Poison, CMNF, Stripping, Fondling, Lingerie, Nudity, Death, Dead, Body Views, Foot Views

Girls Night Out

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