Peachy Keen Films – Hogtie Killer 10 Part 1

Peachy Keen Films – Hogtie Killer 10 Part 1

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

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A killer on a revenge rampage finally meets the one person he has been looking for all this time–and she kills him. But his father and brother are out for revenge and make sure her and her rookie partner pay the ultimate price.

Note: This starts with a flash forward to a nice long necro sex scene, then flashes back to the start of events with the rest of the movie entering on rape of Officer Crowley.
If you have been following this series, Hogtie X is the ultimate conclusion. Combined with part 2, this is over 1 hour 40 minutes of rape, torture and death.


How it all began…

3 years ago, a man comes back to his hometown to find his father and brother have been jailed for murder and other crimes. He soon learned that they were caught because a female cop went undercover and convinced the girlfriend of his brother to testify for immunity.

Infuriated, he set out for revenge.

Hogtie I–His first victim, a CSI technician that had testified during the trial.

Hogtie II–A young reporter who know the secret witnesses.

Hogtie III–The Girlfriend of his brother, that was enrolled at a local college under an assumed name.

Hogtie IV–The Assistant to the State Attorney who brought the charges.

Hogtie V–The State Attorney.

Hogtie VI–A young collage student who published an article where a secret witness attended, implying she has information on the killings, thus making her an innocent target.

Hogtie VII–Younger sister of the now hiding undercover cop.

Hogtie VIII–Two human resource employees to get the record of the undercover cops address.

Hogtie IX–The undercover cops original partner.

Now…..Hogtie X…..All endings must have a beginning, but first, we will start at the finish.

Dark. Cold. Quiet.

The building was empty for months. Years. Vacant. Now, a man walks down a hallway. He is getting something. Keys. He turns into a cubicle. There is a dead body. A young women.

The police commissoners daughter. She was doing a drive along today with a seasoned cop who had recently lost her partner. Murdered by the Hogtie Killer. Today, they were on a stakeout. She was told it was just routine.

Now she was dead. And he decided to have her one more time. First untying her from her bindings. Stretching her out, feeling her cold, lifeless body. She had been dead well over 12 hours by now. But, she still looked good to him. He slipped his cock in her mouth, fucked it until he was ready, then fucked her. She was tight…the same as she felt earlier in the day….just colder—less whining. When he was done, he grabbed his keys and left. She made a good corpse. At least, he thought so. He helped make two corpses today.

31 Hours Ago.

The rookie sat with Crowley in the unmarked car in a lot across from the building. Crowley seemed on edge. The rookie felt useless. Her dad had made her start doing these ride alongs–good for her, he said. She just was an office girl and that is how she liked it.

The phone rang, it was her contact, and she was out of the car and heading to the building. The rookie just waited.

In the building, she searched, knowing she would find him. She was not sure how this would end, but he killed her kid sister and just a few weeks ago, her longtime partner, so one way or another, he would pay.

She found him, with a smirk on his face. No mask. That was the first anyone ever saw him. He put his hands up, ready to turn himself in. But she eyed the stuff on the desk, his Уbag of horrorsФ and saw the faces of her sister and all the other young women he so brutally murdered, she could not–would not let him get away. She shot him.

He was truely shocked. There was a plan, she did not take the bate and how he was on the floor bleeding. He should have known—a woman scorned. Shit. He begged her–trying to buy time for the others to arrive. She did not give him a moment, and filled him up–emptied her clip. He was dead.

She was exhilarated, then instantly depresses. She started looking through his bag, touching the ball gag–suddenly she heard the voice, and she quickly tried to shoot, but she had already emptied the gun.

She saw the rookie, bound, gagged, and she knew the men–she had put them away. She fumbled for her magazine, but the brother was on her. She suspected they were not expecting her to kill him in cold blood, and now, now she was fucked.

The pummelled her, dragged he and the rookie down the hall and it started.

Ripping of clothes, exposing of flesh, pain, hitting, beating, rape, it was all happening and she could not do a thing about it.

Hours went buy, the rookie was just tied up, looking on as she was shredded sexually by these men, men who just saw there brother murdered. She knew she would not get out of this.

When all the rapping was over, they dragged her off with the rookie. She knew they were taking her to the room. That was where the real torture would start. And, she knew she would never leave it alive.

To be concluded in part 2…

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Forced Blowjob, RAPE , Bondage, Fingering, Humiliation, Begging, CRYING, Postmortem, Necro Sex, Necro BJ, Body Views.


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