Peachy Keen Films – Kala’s Last Night

Peachy Keen Films – Kala’s Last Night

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Description: I have been watching Kala for weeks now. She was beautiful, always working late. I would frequently watch her through her partly opened office door as she sat at her desk. She always looked perfect, meticulous about her appearance; frequently taking breaks to “freshen up”. As the night janitor, I had access the the entire office complex and would frequently watch her whenever she was on the move. Tonight, she was a beautiful as ever. She sat for some time, rubbing her pantyhose clad feet..sore from another hard days work and what will be another late night. She got up to get a file and when climbing down from the stepstool, tore her pantyhose. I watched as she sat down, pulled the ripped pair off and put on a brand new pair. I pulled the old pair out of the trash and moved silently behind her. I quickly wrapped it around her neck. Her reaction was sudden and violent, but I held her tight. She dug her heels in and slammed me back against the filing cabinet, but I relentlessly keep my grip and finally spin her around off the chair and onto the couch. She bucks, kicks and spasms, her eyes wide, tongue out….her body starts to jerk uncontrollably, then slows. Her eyes roll up then slowly close and she is unconscious. For a while I spend time admiring and caressing her body, then I pick her up and take her down to the basement–my home. I flop her roughly down on my mattress and strip and molest her body. Then, when she is naked, I finger her pussy for a bit before having sex with her. When I climax, she wakes up. I quickly flip her onto her stomach and pull the nylon garrote tight, placing my knee in her back, her whole body arches back—the garrote digging into her soft flesh. Again, she struggles, but not as hard as before, still woozy and in a strained position. She looses consciousness again and I let her head slowly settle into the bedding. I knew it was time to finish it. I rolled her back onto her back. This time when she woke up, I clamped my strong hands around her neck and squeezed. She had more strength…her whole body tensing up–lifting up off the mattress, legs spreading, kicking, arms flailing. Her face contorted, twisted, her beautiful face, now smudged with makeup and sweat. She was no longer the perfectly beautiful administrate assistant, but now a twisted, sweaty, beaten down, mass of tortured girl fighting for her life and perhaps knowing the fight was lost. She kept trying though….jolts of spasms twisting through her body, her tongue lashing out, her hands desperately trying to pull at my wrists, as if there was hope of moving them. I remained devoted to killing her. I felt her sticky, sweaty flesh under my fingers, the muscle and arteries pulsing in her neck. Now she was slowing. Her eyes started to fixate and her arms started to spasm and body pulse and twitch. She got slower, slower, slower, and then she did what she had done the last couple times. Her eyes fluttered and closed. This time, however, I did not let go. I few seconds passed and suddenly there was a last surge of energy as her body and perhaps mind made a last effort to live. Her hand came up to my shoulder, fingers digging into my shirt and skin beneath. But her grip quickly fail, her arm fell, her body stopped…I heard a last gurgle emerge from her mouth. I let go, seeing out red her neck was where I had my death grip on her. Though her makeup was ruined and she was drenched in sweat and fluids, she was beautiful to me. I climbed on her and fucked her one more time, cumming all over her belly. I picked her up and took her back to her office, posing her in her chair. I left her like that, then walked out, closing the door behind me.

Kala's Last Night.wmv

Kala’s Last Night.wmv

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