Peachy Keen Films – Leotard Necro

Peachy Keen Films – Leotard Necro

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Description: A young women is working out at the studio. She is wearing a yellow leotard and goes through her stretching routine.

Someone is watching her. He waits just around the corner, watching her stretch and bend in her tight leotard–her body perfectly formed, calling him to her.

He approaches her, gun pointed. She is startled, quickly gets up and runs–runs for her life. But, he quickly shoots her in the back. She collapses hard to the floor.

Struggling, she tries to get away, but he has her, groping her. But, she keeps struggling and after a while, he shoots her in the temple. She is dead. Silence.

He picks her up and lays her on the desk. He slowly fondles and explores her. He fingers her pussy. He fucks her mouth for a long time with his cock. He fucks her. When he is ready, he puts his engorged cock back into her mouth and cums–letting it ooze out on the desk as he pulls away.

He fondles her some more, then picks her up, takes her to the bedroom and starts to play with her.

Someone is coming. He hides.

Another young woman, in a pink leotard calls to her friends. No answer. She finds her dead, is shocks, but the man in the closet comes out and snaps her neck.

She is dead, laying over her friends corpse.

He repositions her. Then he lifts her up and dances with her.

Back on the bed he fondles her while her friends likes dead and getting cold nearby.

He fingers her pussy, then fucks her mouth for a long time. When he is ready, he cums all over both girls–one the first girls ass, and on the other girls face and chest.

With the girls posed the way he wants, he leaves.

Leotard Necro

Leotard Necro.wmv

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