Peachy Keen Films – Prom Date

Peachy Keen Films – Prom Date

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: After spending an evening at their high school prom, he waits for his date in a nice hotel room. She comes in after a shower dressed in her pajamas. They flirt a while. She is very shy, never having done anything like this before. Eventually, they kiss. This leads to some heavy petting and fondling. Soon, he convinces her to give him oral.

She sucks his dick, asking him if she is doing it right. He teaches her a little bit, all the while getting more and more aroused. Soon, he is asking her to have sex with him. She does not want to. But, she is now naked and he pushes her down, crawling on top of her. She wants him off, but is reluctant to make him mad. She lets his penis rub up against her pussy. But, then he puts it in her and surprised, she slaps him hard in the face.

He is enraged, and clamps his hand around her neck. She is in shock, starts to struggle and kick. He whips her around, swinging her body across the bed with her neck, further confusing the girl. She finally gets her hand loose and smacks him again in the face. She tries to get away, falling off the bed, but he has her again, yanking her back on top of him. Both hands clamp across her neck from behind. She cannot breath, her whole body tenses up, her face darkens, she starts to convulse. Her eyes are wide, her mouth open and tongue desperately lashing for air.

After a while she grows weaker and weaker. Finally, she stops moving. He removes his hands and shoves her off of him like trash. He admires her dead form. Her neck is deeply red from his killer grip. Now that she was not complaining anymore, he could spend quality time with her.

Be rolls her over, kisses her face and neck, then sucks on her tits. He pulls his dick out and rubs it up and down her body and legs. He goes down, pushes her legs apart and licks her warm, wet pussy. Then, he fucks her. He fucks her for a good, long time, watching her tits jiggle, her lifeless face bob around. He shoots his cum all over over her tits.

Finished with her, he gets dressed and leaves.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Young/Teen, De-virgin, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Rape, Hand Strangle, Necro, Lifting, Flopping, Foot Views, Uncut Director’s Version.

Prom Date
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