Peachy Keen Films – Sentry Showdown 3

Peachy Keen Films – Sentry Showdown 3

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Description: She stood watch, protecting an important room in the maze of a facility that housed the organization. Deep underneath, she was unsure, she was tasked to protect this sector Let no one pass–kill any who tried.

All was secure.

The man came into view. Stealth. Slowly moving to his target. By the time she noticed, it was too late. The fight was brief and then he had her. The garrote firmly around her neck, he pulled, feeling her body struggle and stretch against his. And, this excited him.

Once he had the one hand grip secure, he used his other to reach for her sex, letting his fingers explore as he murdered the sexy sentry. She writhed to his insertions all the while struggling agains the tight wire, digging into her flesh. Her body was hot, sweat soaked her and him as well–mixing as the murder continued.

After a while she slowed. They all did. He never rushed the kill. Sure, he could have made it quick, but where was the fun. This sector was empty. She was the only one guarding Above them, 2ft concrete floor divided him from the next sentry. All in good time.

When she was dead, he rolled her then rolled her again–getting a good look at his kill. She was a nice one. He dragged her off.

Like the schematics showed, he found a small room, only 10 meters down. There was a couch. He put her on it. Now, he would have more fun.

First, he tasted her. Dead, her sweat, a moist pussy, it was heaven. He lapped her juices before moving on to one of the main events.

He slid his cock into her awaiting mouth. It was warm. Felt good. He slid it in and out for a while, getting harder and harder until, he knew he could not postpone the moment any longer. He repositioned her, then let his cock find her tight, wet pussy. He fucked her several different ways before finally repositioning her again, and fucking her mouth one last time.

After filling her throat up with cum, he got his things and left. Still 8 more sectors to empty out before his day was finished. He hoped they were all as beautiful as she was.

Sentry Showdown 3
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