Peachy Keen Films – Sex And Murder League 3

Peachy Keen Films – Sex And Murder League 3

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: In the Sex and Murder League, male and female assassins play a game of passion and death. They stalk one another with the goal of overpowering an opponent, and then murdering their adversary at the height of sex. The women, who go by the title “Queens”, are just as deadly as their male counterparts, the “Knights”. Each wears an ornamental dagger pendant, which they take from one another as trophies after a successful murder.

Raven is a League Queen unaware that she is being pursued by a Knight. She returns home to her apartment, strips off her stunning red and black clothing, revealing the knife she keeps in tucked in her stocking. Going into her bathroom for a shower, she sets the blade aside, and steps into the warm stream of water. As she luxuriates in the shower, the Knight who has been stalking her sees his chance. He breaks into the apartment, strips off his own clothing, and closes in on her in the shower.

But Raven has heard him. She listens at the door to assure herself that an intruder is there, then she picks up her knife and positions herself to surprise him as he enters to try and take her. He bursts in – but in an instant she comes up behind him and puts the knife to his throat.

A true Queen of the Sex and Murder League, Raven has killed her share of Knights, and she expects to properly enjoy this one. Taunting him, she reaches around his body from behind and strokes his cock to rock hardness, then instructs him to hold his hands behind his back while she positions herself on the sink cabinet and demands that he fuck her. She holds the knife to his throat as she moans in the throes of passion, describing how she is going to kill him at the moment she comes, while his blood sprays all over her.

But seeing her attention slip as she comes close to her climax, he grabs her wrist and twists the knife away from her. The tables turned, he forces her down on her knees to suck his cock. She has no choice but to obey, and after she gives him head he drags her around on her hands and knees, and takes her from behind, holding the knife to her throat. She knows the game is over for her, but is defiant to the end, taunting him one last time: “Do it!” And that’s exactly what he does, cutting her throat in the instant of his orgasm.

Afterward, he gives her the ritual phrase of farewell, “Knight Takes Queen”, takes her pendant, and leaves her beautiful corpse posed on the bathroom floor…the red line of her cut throat marking the end of a Queen of the Sex and Murder League.

Sex And Murder League 3
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