Peachy Keen Films – Sleepover Girls

Peachy Keen Films – Sleepover Girls

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Alisha is hanging out with her BFF, Allie. They are having a sleepover and talking about boys and girl stuff. Both 18, they are week away from graduation and going off to separate colleges.

Allie’s big, and slightly “off” brother, keeps coming in and bugging them. It’s all fun and games at first, but things take a fatal turn when in the corse of messing around with Alisha, he knocks out his sister.

Panicked, he attacks Alisha too, knocking her out. He has been obsessing over her for a while and take his time taking advantage of her. He fondles her for a bit, then fucks her mouth with his cock. Back on the floor, he tastes her sweet pussy, then fucks her mouth some more. he rolls her over and slips his cock between her ass cheeks, fucking her tight teenage pussy.

Then, Alisha wakes up and there is a struggle. He finds a stocking, wraps it around her neck and starts strangling her. She struggles viciously, but is not match for his brute strength. After a long struggle, she is still–staring blankly. He is mesmerized by her death, but continues to explore her until finally fucking her, now dead body, from behind again.

After a bit, Allie wakes up and witnesses the rape and then, realizes her friend is dead. She screams.

Her brother captures her as she tries to escape. There is a struggle and now he is strangling her with the same stocking on the floor. She is tough, athletic–a cheerleader, but he is big and will win.

Once she is dead, he briefly looks her over before getting back to business.

He lays her by Alisha, then messes with them both. He movies them around a bit until he can get a good angle and starts fucking his sister mouth. Then he rolls his sister on top of Alisha so both of there asses are stacked. He then fucks each of their pussies, switching back and forth. He settles on Allie, pulling her back off and continuing to fuck her. Then he changes their positions again and fucks Alisha missionary until he cums all over them both.

He takes a souvenir and leave his dead sister and friend for his parents to find later.

Sleepover Girls
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