Peachy Keen Films – Sorority Nine

Peachy Keen Films – Sorority Nine

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: This one has it all!!!

Nine beautiful girls alone during the weekend in thier sorority house. Two killers, each with different agendas, kill the girls one by one.

In the end, no one lives to tell the tale of this day. All the girls end up in one big body pile.

Wednesday, Bettie, Alana, Mia and Anna all die in part one. There is plenty of fondling and stripping.

A Short Summary

It’s Saturday and most of the sorority girls went home for the weekend. But eight girls remain, some studying, some getting ready to go to a party. A ninth girl, an alumni, watches over the house. Her story is that two years earlier, a professor stalked her. He was sent away and, as compensation, the school paid for her education and are providing her with housing. But today is a fateful day, because that professor is back, with an plan for murder.

Outside, as he is breaking into the house, a second killer arrives. He plans to kill all the girls. They agree to stay out of each others way. Soon, both plans are in motion and one by one the girls fall prey to the killers.

In the end, none remain and both killers join forces to create a large body pile — a beautiful finale to their work.

Sorority Nine 1

Sorority Nine 2
Sorority Nine 1.wmv
Sorority Nine 2.wmv

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