Peachy Keen Films – Spies in the Office

Peachy Keen Films – Spies in the Office

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Three lovely spies rummage through the darkness as they look for valuable secret files. Unfortunately, their adventure has not gone unnoticed. The facility security man confronts the girls and takes great delight in gunning them down. He forces two to strip and torments them before “terminating” their mission. The first girl he takes by complete surprise. She is hit three times with his silenced pistol. She is in shock, falls against a table, then crumples to the floor in agony — bleeding everywhere. Then he seduces the second girl while forcing the third to strip until she is completely nude. After taunting her, he has her get dressed again. Then he surprises the second girl he was seducing by shooting her point blank under her breast twice. She is in disbelief momentarily, then slowly falls to the floor, paralyzed in pain. The third girl makes a run for it and he shoots her once in the back, slamming her against the door. She turns around and takes two more shots in her large chest. She falls to the ground on her tummy. He finishes the second girl off with two shots to the chest. The first girl dies of her wounds. He cuts open their tops and bras to examine his work. When he leaves, he rolls the third girl over and finishes her with a point blank shot to the chest. He leaves the bullet-riddled and half-naked bodies for the cleanup crew.

Spies in the Office
Spies in the Office.mpg

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