Peachy Keen Films – Strangled With Battery Cables

Peachy Keen Films – Strangled With Battery Cables

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Eric is at home when he hears a knock at his door. He opens it to find a sexy petite little brunette on his porch looking to be in mild distress. He graciously invited the naively trusting woman in as she explains to him her car broke down in his driveway as she attempted to use it to turn around. Oh how “unfortunate” he thinks to himself as he exclaims to her to wait while he grabs his jumper cables.

Returning to the couch with the equipment, he hands the cables to the stranded woman and she gratefully takes them thinking what a knight in shining armor she had happened to come upon. As she nears the door, he throws a hammer of a punch to the back of her head, dropping her to the floor instantaneously. Her unconscious body lays sprawled on the floor as he looms over her, admiring how peaceful she looks with her ass facing upward to him.

Getting down on the floor, he rolls her over on her back to begin exploring her captive body. He lightly runs his fingers across her and pulls her shirt down to reveal her plump and perky tits mounted onto her chest. He works his way down her body, he can smell her through her denim shorts and the musk fills him with heart thudding lust. He moves to her toes and kisses them before moving up her body to kiss her. Her eyes suddenly open and widen as her flight responses immediately engage in reaction to the stranger over her.

She struggles to get away but he quickly wraps the red and black cables around her neck. The excitement of her body fighting him for life is sexually electrifying. Her mouth stretches agape as her legs and arms flail get to get some sort of leverage, but sitting on just her tailbone, her power to push is compromised. Gusps of air escape her mouth as she slowly looses cognition, then consciousness altogether. After moments, the weight of her body sags into him, letting him know that she finally given in leaving her body behind for his disposable use.

He pulls her shorts off and tosses them to the side as he moves up her body, kissing her warm flesh, stopping for a little extra on her nipples. He pulls his cock out and strokes it a little before arranging himself over her to run his cock across her lips. The saliva built up in her mouth during the struggle lubricates his shaft as it glides between her lips. He moves down her body and takes in her scent again through her panties, giving the crotch of them a taste before pulling them off.

He gets her pussy wet with his mouth, shaken with anticipation of the feeling of her hole. Her dead eyes stare up at the ceiling as he wets his cock in her mouth before opening her legs and pushing himself into her pussy. Her petite little cunt feels so good as he thrusts his length into her. He fucks her on his side as her limp body moves in waves on the carpet, her still chest and breasts bouncing with him.

He lays her on her back and continues as the pressure builds behind his balls, if she were still here, she’d love the feeling of him. His nuts squeeze as he pulls out releasing his baby batter on her belly. The goo drips down and pools as he straightens himself up and sits on the couch. Staring at the body, he calls a tow truck for the car “someone” left in his driveway.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Punching, Foot Fetish, Fondling, Kissing, Struggle, Garrote Strangle, Flailing, Death, Necro Pussy Licking, Necro Fucking, Cumshot,, Necro, Body Views, Foot Views..


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