Peachy Keen Films – Strangling Twins

Peachy Keen Films – Strangling Twins

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Twin daughters of a local politician are brought into a room. The girls are bound, hands behind them. The first twin, Casey, is the sweet girl-next-door…now in a panic and calling to her stronger, tougher sister, Star, for comfort

He could tell Star was going to be a problem and quickly stripped off some of her clothes to humiliate and subdue her. Then, he went over, untied Casey’s wrists and forced her to strip. Once she was naked, she rebound her by her wrist behind her back, then, as an added measure, tied her ankles so she could not extend her legs all the way.

Next he got the web broadcast ready. Then, because he anticipated trouble, he looped a rope around Star to keep her from coming to her sisters aid.

When it was time, he held Casey in front of the webcam, pointing a pistol to her head and waiting for the instructions on his sat-phone.

He was told they would not adhere to their demands and to kill Casey in front of the webcam. So, he got out his garrote, wrapped it around the young woman’s neck and began to strangle her. Star freaked out as she watch her twin sister being murdered in front of her. She tried hard to come to her aid, but the ropes would not let her.

Casey struggle violently, thrusting her pelvis in the air, legs spreading, eyes wide, mouth open. She twisting and bumped, jerked and gyrated on the floor. All the time Star, who was gagged earlier, is moaning in despair watching her only sister be murdered. She, could do, nothing….

Finally, after a long struggle, it was over. Casey was dead. Star collapse, her gag finally coming loose, she spit it out and lay on the floor sobbing. Her sister was dead, her life was over.

Next, he turned the webcam onto Star and went through the same process, but like before, he was given the instructions to kill her. He told her coldly, that her parents did not care for her, right before he started strangling her.

She fought for her life, she wanted to live, if only to ask why her parents would forsake her. She would never get that chance. She struggled long and hard like her sister, but the ending was the same.

Once star was dead, he finished undressing her. Then arraigned the bodies for photos he would have to take later.

Strangling Twins
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