Peachy Keen Films – Teen Idol 1

Peachy Keen Films – Teen Idol 1

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: She is an up and coming new singing sensation. An internet starlet, her songs are downloaded on every girl’s Ipod player and computer. Now, her sold out concerts and a sixteen-city tour have taken this young girl by storm. With her bodyguard in tow, she moves from hotel to hotel, town to town, and party to party. Tonight is a special night. She just got a text message from a hot new boy she met at her concert that night. She has high hopes for an evening of parting and sex. Her bodyguard, however, is concerned. Though he is more then 20 years older then her, his feeling for her run deep — more than that of a father figure, but of someone in love. Yes, it is true, she has been screwing her bodyguard, but only because it was something to do. Now that she is getting texted all the time from different suitors, she can take him or leave him. Well, he does not take this news so well and while she is undressed and distracted by the next text message, he attacks — wrapping his tie around her soft neck. He falls back onto the bed with her on top of him. She kicks and struggles, but he holds the young girl firmly. She reaches down and grabs his balls, squeezing them until he lets go. She runs out of the room to the front door, but he is fast, grabbing and spinning her around. He shoves her up against the table and again wraps the tie around her neck, this time pulling it with even more enthusiasm. Her mouth open and tongue out, she cannot breathe. Her eyes are wide and she makes guttural sounds as she tries to break free. He forces her over the table and flips her over — pushing her legs apart and forcing himself into her — all the while, keeping the tie tight on her neck, indenting her skin. Her body is covered in sweat as he pumps her hard, bending down to suck her perfect young tits — biting her nipples. Her mouth remains wide open and her eyes start to stare blankly as she weakens. After a while she is a sweaty, floppy doll. When she is dead, he backs away, cleaning himself up as we view her hot dead corpse sprawled out on the table. Then he picks her up and carries her around the room, then into the bedroom where he tosses her on the bed. Again, we view her hot body before he slinks up next to her and cozies up to the girl he loves.

Teen Idol 1
Teen Idol 1.wmv

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