Psycho-Thrillers – Snuff 16 – Raw Vengeance

Psycho-Thrillers – Snuff 16 – Raw Vengeance

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Contains: Bondage, Live Vaginal Rape, Live Oral Rape, Nudity, Urination, Slow Nylon Strangulation, Drool, Spasms, Body Pans, Death Stares Editor’s Note: This is Brittney’s first video and she did a great job. Very dominating, very raw.
Description: Brittney plays a co-owner of a sports bar who is kidnapped after confronting a drunken man who refused to leave their bar prior to closing. Unaware that her friend and partner has already been killed, the killers scour the town until they meet Brittney. The scene picks up with Brittney being thrown into an empty room in an empty building. Johnny, the drunk young man at the bar, turns her over to a his friend, a crazed killer named Nick. What happens next is brutal and humiliating. Nick deeply rapes Brittney in a variety of positions and forces her to gag as she is forced to give him oral sex before she is forced back on her knees to take his load. Once she is no longer of any use to him, nor is she entertaining, Nick decides her fate and attacks her. Brittney thrashes and kicks and gags as the nylon stocking gradually tightens around her throat. The strangulation is long and slow and Brittney is forced to listen to Nick humiliating remarks as the life oozes from Brittney’s sexy body.

Snuff 16 - Raw Vengeance

Snuff 16 – Raw Vengeance

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