Psycho-Thrillers – The Terrorists Strike Back

Psycho-Thrillers – The Terrorists Strike Back

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: So the scene starts out with Mahina walking into her room, placing her keys on a desk or table and pulling out her cell phone, calling someone. She waits for a few seconds then the person answers. As Mahina talks, Agent Victoria Lawson creeping towards the room, her handgun drawn. Her back is against the wall as she slowly makes her way towards Mahina’s room. When she gets to the corner, she peaks out and sees Mahina with her back to her talking on her cell phone. She ducks back behind the corner and eavesdrops.

Mahina cuts off in mid sentence as she hears the sound of Victoria’s boots behind her. She doesn’t turn around, though, but just stops talking. Victoria confronts Mahina at gunpoint. Victoria goes to smack her on the back of her head with the gun, but Mahina whirls around catching Victoria’s wrists in her hands. They struggle for a few seconds until Mahina knees Victoria in her gut causing her to clutch her belly with her left hand, holding the gun out wide with her right hand. Mahina kicks that hand and the gun goes flying away on the floor, out of reach. Mahina tries to follow up with a punch to Victoria’s face, but she blocks it and counters with her own punch that lands in Mahina’s midsection. Mahina backs up and waits for Victoria to attack. Victoria launches her own punch which Mahina catches and she holds her wrist in both her hands and kicks Victoria in her belly twice. Victoria slumps to her knees clutching her belly gasping for air.

Mahina gets behind the kneeling woman and puts her into a sleeper hold. As she puts her arms around her neck, Victoria’s gasping cuts off into a choke/gurgle as her air is suddenly cut off. Victoria struggles back up to her feet and fights viciously in the sleeper hold. She tries elbowing Mahina, pulling her hair, kicking her shins…whatever she can to break the hold. After a little she just grabs Mahina’s forearm and tries to pry it from around her neck, but it doesn’t work. Victoria’s struggles begin to slow and her eyes begin rolling up. Her hands, which were trying to pry Mahina’s forearm away, fall slowly to her sides. She slowly slumps to her knees as Mahina whispers into her ear.

Victoria’s eyes are rolled up and she twitches a bit. Mahina sees that Victoria is unconscious and pushes her forwards, so that she lands chest down. Her body twitches a few times. Mahina gets up laughing to herself and says: ‘Weak bitch’. Mahina picked up her phone and resumes talking to her contact. When the conversation ends, she walks over to the unconscious woman and grabs her by one of her shoulders, flipping her over onto her back. Mahina starts slapping Victoria gently on her cheeks, trying to wake the woman up. Slowly, Victoria comes to, appearing to be groggy. She is still flat on her back, but she looks around, wondering where she is. Mahina dangles the strangle cord in front of her face and Victoria suddenly remembers everything.

Victoria, eyes wide with fear, begins shaking her head side to side. She is too weak to move, though, so she just lays there. Mahina sits down behind her and pulls Victoria into a sitting position. She puts her legs around the Victoria’s midsection and wraps the cord around her hands, tightening it. She slowly lowers it in front of Victoria’s face.

Victoria kicks and fights as hard as she can. She tries grabbing Mahina’s hair again, tries clawing at the strangle cord, tries grabbing Mahina’s wrists, tries elbowing her, etc. She can try kicking with her feet to try and buck Mahina off her back, but nothing works. She begins to drool towards the end, her tongue sticking out. Her eyes roll up every now and then as she begins to slow down and her hands slump to her sides. She goes into death twitches. Mahina stands over her fallen opponent then kneels down and grabs a handful of Victoria’s hair, lifting her head up to peer into her eyes. She says: ‘Miss Lawson, your failure today will mean the downfall of your country. Pathetic bitch’. She drops Victoria’s head back down to the floor and goes around to grab the still twitching woman by her wrists. She drags the body away down the hallway.

Contains: Set-up, Dialogue, Spies, Bad Girl, Secret Agent, Boots, Leggins, Fight Scene, Sleepy, Sleepy by Arm Strangulation, Death by Cord Strangulation, 2-Position Arm Strangulation, Neck Crush via Strangulation, Death Stare, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Dragging, Drool, Ligature Marks, Breast Fondling, Body Pans, Death Twitching, Rag Doll Rolling


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