Psycho-Thrillers – They Will Pay 1 – Dolly Part 2

Psycho-Thrillers – They Will Pay 1 – Dolly Part 2

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: Starring: Dolly Leigh, Aaron Wilcox, Jack Vegas

Dolly is thrown on a bed, her wrists are hooked and she is tied spread-eagle to the bed. The ball gag is put back on her and she is left struggling on the bed. They come back later drinking beer in longneck bottles jeering at her. They work her over some more with the stun gun, laughing as she jerks and screams in pain drooling through the ball gag. As she lies limp afterward they leave the room.

When they come back she whimpers. Fingering and oral sex by one while the other plays with her breasts. More use of the dildo and then finally he uses the magic wand/hitachi on her, forcing an orgasm she begs not to have. Then she is uncuffed and they are taking turns on her while fucking her hard. She is roughly turned over to her back. As one man stands by the edge of the bed he grabs her ankle and pulls her toward him and enters her hard while spreading her legs wide. He then grabs her wrists and pulls her toward him and fucks her hard.

After a while one of the men, partially using her hair, pulls her back toward the other side of the bed and forces his cock down into her mouth while other man climbs on the bed and continues to fuck her.
Several positions of raping her. She is hand choked and slapped before she is pulled off the bed for hard sloppy hair holding forced oral. They make her lick their cocks up and down and their balls. It ends with them demanding she open her mouth and both men cum in her mouth. Then she is forced to lick them clean.

The man who lost his mother pulls her roughly to her feet. He is behind her and with his hands he grabs her hair and spins her around facing him. He grabs her neck with both hands and begins choking her. She tries to pull his hands free and beats on his arms but he is too strong. Eventually she is raised off her feet and her legs kick wildly. He throws her on the bed. She begs him but he gets between her legs and both hands around her neck again and forces himself down into her.

He toys with her, loosening his hands as she gasps for breath begging but he continues to choke her as she spits out drool. Eventually he gets off her body to the side continuing to choke her and the other man plays with her body, her breasts, and fingers her as the first man continues to choke her. She tries to pry the fingers off her neck and push the other man’s hands off and out of her body but her hands are easily pushed aside as she is too weak.

Eventually she dies drooling. And as they look at her body lying spread-eagle on the bed they discuss that now they need to make plans for her both the other nurse and the administrator in charge of the nurses.


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