Psycho-Thrillers – Vengeance is Mine

Psycho-Thrillers – Vengeance is Mine

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Description: A female lawyer pulls into a parking lot. She is dressed in an executive style suit. She opens the door, turns and places her heel on the ground. She fumbles through her purse for a moment; then climbs out of the car. Unnoticed by her, as she is exiting the vehicle, a paper (a bill) falls to the ground. She turns, locks the car and walks off toward the shopping complex. Some distance away, an Ex-Con sits in his car. He has been watching her every move, and noticed the paper that fell onto the ground. To himself he thinks: she is dressed just like that public defender that landed him behind bars for two and a half years. He’s been waiting a long time to dish out some “payback” and is hoping that his chosen victim is a lawyer. He continues to watch, and once the woman has completely left the area, he gets out of his vehicle and retrieves the paper. He notices it is a bill and that it has the address and only the name of the female on it. He decides she must be single and live alone and so he climbs into his car and drives off toward her residence (using the address on the bill as a guide).

The woman is returning from her shopping. She walks slowly across the parking lot toward her vehicle. She is holding a bag with her purchase in her right hand. She unlocks the door and sits down. She looks through her purse and finds her keys. Then she turns into the car and closes the door.

The Ex-Con Perp arrives at the lawyer’s house; He walks up to one of the more isolated doors.
In short order, he is able to pick the lock and swings the door open. In his right hand he is carrying a Gym Bag containing his “rape kit”: two metal small chain police style handcuffs, four metal long chain police style handcuffs, a long (10″) glass dildo, and a handkerchief gag. He walks over to the couch in the living room and dumps the contents onto the couch. The perp then notices a plaque that declares her passing the Bar Exam. He then exclaims: “My lucky day! She’s one of those lawyer bitches! Just like the one that screwed me over!
Well… I know just what to do with her when she gets home!

The Ex-Con looks out window and sees arrival of her car. He then runs off to hide. She enters house; turns and locks the door. Then she walks into the living room. There she sets down her purse and her shopping bag on top of the couch. She then walks over to the kitchen. She stares at the slide door, thinking she closed the blinds but shrugs it off and closes them again, unaware an intruder entered her home through the very same door. As she passes an open door on her way to her bedroom, the Ex-Con jumps out and grabs her from behind. He has one arm around her waist and his other hand covering her mouth to muffle her screams. He carries her back into living room and places her on her stomach on top of the floor. Then he hog cuffs her
ExCon: “You’re one of those bitch lawyers, aren’t you! A cunt like you cost me three years of my life .. locked up in some rotten cage! Well today’s payday! I’m gonna get me three years worth out of you!”
He goes to his gym bag and pulls out a long 10.0″ glass dildo. Next he waves the long glass dildo in front of her face and exclaims:
ExCon: “Ever been fucked up the ass with a glass stick before! I’m gonna fuck you with this until you bleed!”
Then he places his hands on the sides of her pencil skirt and slides it up to her waistline. He grabs her black bikini panty firmly at the bottom. With a quick jerk he rips the left half of the panty, leaving the rest of the panty to dangle on her. The rip exposes her anus. He inserts the glass dildo into her anus with his right hand, then with his other hand he grabs her hair at the back of her head.

He leans over her (kind of crouches down parallel to her) and begins pumping away with the dildo. She screams and tries to struggle with the initial insertion. But he only lets out a sadistic laugh and begins pumping her harder and faster. Occasionally to amuse himself, he covers up her mouth and nose with the palm of his left hand, cutting off her air. Then he let’s her breath a bit, then repeats the hand over mouth/nose smothering … all the while pumping the glass dildo in and out of her anus.

When the Ex-Con is done with the forced dildo assault, he tosses the dildo aside. While she is still lying on her stomach, he stands up, and undoes his trousers. ExCon: “Time to paint that pretty lawyer mouth of yours!” He forces his cock in and out of her mouth. She continuously tries to turn her head away. But he just restrains her harder and forces himself in and out of her mouth.

When Ex-Con is finished with his forced BJ assault. He undoes the two sets of metal police style handcuffs while lawyer, lies there on the floor, trying to recover from the vicious assault. But once she realizes that she is free, she quickly gets up and makes a dash for the door. She is 3/4 of the way to the door when she is caught once again. Ex-Con wraps his arm around her waist and carries her back into the living room and forces her to sit up on the couch. He quickly slides off her blazer/jacket. Then he handcuffs her hands behind her back and throws her on her back on the floor. ExCon: “Stick around Honey … we haven’t even got started yet!”
He firmly grabs her pencil skirt near the bottom, with a quick jerk or two he manages to rip them clean off of her, thus exposing her already half ripped panties which he leaves dangling on her.

He then mounts her, inserting his penis into her vagina …. and then begins wildly pumping away. She tries to scream through her rag gag, but he just places his hand over her mouth and pumps even harder.

When Ex-Con is finished with his vaginal assault. He lifts her up and carries her off into the bedroom. He throws her on her stomach on top of the bed. He removes the small chain handcuffs from her wrists. Then, working quickly, he handcuffs her in a face down spread eagle position to the four corners of the bed. He stuffs a couple of pillows under her abdomen, raising her buttocks up in the air. He then reaches down and grabs what little is left of her panties, and rips them completely off of her.

He then tries to mount her again and is able to anally insert himself. With the first thrust she tries to struggle and tries to scream through her gag, but he just covers her mouth and starts pumping away even harder and faster. About halfway through the anal assault, he grabs the bottom of the back of her shirt, and with a quick jerk rips it up near to the top. He pushes the torn pieces off to the sides, leaving them to dangle. He runs his hand down her back, then continues on with the anal assault.

When Ex-Con is finished with his anal assault. He temporarily undoes the handcuffs from her wrists and ankles; then he flips her over onto her back. He then reattaches the handcuffs to her wrists and ankles, placing her in a face up spread eagled position. He stuffs a few pillows under her lower back, raising her up a little. He then grabs the bottom of her shirt. With a quick jerk her rips open all of the buttons. She screams, but he ignores her and pushes the sides off to the left and the right, leaving the shirt to dangle on her body. He massages her breasts a little through the bra. He then mounts her and inserts himself into her begins a wild vaginal assault. She struggles and tries to scream once again through her gag, but he just covers her mouth and starts pumping away even harder and faster. A few minutes into the assault he firmly grabs the center of the bra, and with a quick jerk, he rips the bra open … and then pushes the torn pieces off to the sides .. he then pumps away harder and harder.

After about 4 or 5 minutes into the vaginal assault, he climaxes on her belly then decides that he is getting bored with her. He grabs a plastic bag and places it over her head. He then begins to cut off her air, while simultaneously pumping away at her. He alternates between cutting off her air and giving her some … all the time pumping away harder and harder. Eventually the woman can take no more and expires. He fucks her and climaxes on her belly for the second time.

Vengeance is Mine

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