Seductive Studio – BLIND DATE

Seductive Studio – BLIND DATE

Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, SoftCore, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Constance is carried into a remote shack out in the middle of the forest. She had agreed to meet David for a blind date, after finding him on X-harmony. When she spurned his advances, he took matters into his own hands and now has her completely under his control. Maybe things would have turned out differently had she complied, but that’s neither here nor now and things will go how David wants them to go now. Constance is placed on the ground and David checks her eyes to make sure that she is still out. He plays with her limp body. Eventually she starts to awaken, and is very confused on where she is. Her mouth is completely dry and her head is pounding. She tries to get up, but David holds her arms down with one hand while he straddles her body. He shoves a … in her face, and after a few coughs and violent kicking, her eyes roll back in her head and she’s out cold. Constance awakens to find herself tied tight to a beam in the shack. She is tied with her hands over her head, and multiple ties around her body. Duct tape covers her mouth so that she cannot cry out for help. Not that anyone would hear here in the middle of nowhere. Running time – 14:47 This video contains – Cradle Carry, Ch..m, Limp Fetish, Bondage Constance struggles hard against her ropes. She is tied so tight, she can’t get any leverage to free herself, and her hips squirm back and forth, and she lifts her heeled feet off the ground and stomps them multiple times trying to loosen the ropes. David finally returns and grabs her roughly by the face. He torments her for several minutes before finally giving her another … and unties her. David places Constance on the ground and strips her down to her panties and pantyhose. He plays with her limp body again and pinches her nipples tightly in between his finger while wrapping his strong hand around her slender throat. This is going much better than he planned, and he is thoroughly enjoying himself. He is sure Constance is too. David picks Constance up over his shoulder and carries her out of the shack into the darkness. Running time – 14:14 This video contains – Bondage, Ch…, Limp Fetish, OTS Carry Constance is carried to the pool over David’s strong shoulder. Her arms sway in the dark and the crickets are the sole witness to the ease in which David handles her. This is obviously not his first time. She is placed on a metal bench on the deck and he plays with her limp body for several minutes before stripping her nude. He stands behind her and roughly grabs her tits and rubs her pussy with his hand. After rubbing and groping her for several minutes, he ties her to the bench, her mouth still slightly agape. Running time- 16:26 This video contains – OTS Carry, Limp Fetish, Bondage Constance is gagged with a rag and the tie is complete. David stands back to admire his masterpiece and waits for her to awaken. She finally wakes and whimpers softly as she is unable to move from the chair. She struggles violently and kicks her legs trying to loosen the ropes but David has tied her much too tight. Her eyes go wide in fear as David returns with a Hitachi vibrator. No one will say that he isn’t a giving guy, and he wouldn’t want Constance to not enjoy herself now would he? He plugs in the vibrator and dangles it down over her sensitive nipples finally down to her pussy. Constance’s own body is now betraying her as her pussy gets instantly wet as the Hitachi pulses powerfully on her clit. She tries to fight it, but the vibrator is much too strong and her body is wracked by a powerful orgasm. David then pulls the Hitachi back on her now extremely sensitive nipples once again and her body arches in the chair as the aftershocks of her orgasm course throughout her body. Not letting her recover, David lowers the Hitachi once again on her swollen clit, and covers her mouth with his hand. She tries to fight it, but the pleasure is way too much for her to handle and she is brought to another orgasm… right as David closes her air supply. She struggles to free herself, and she cannot catch a breath, all as a monster orgasm rips through her body and her eyes roll back and finally stare vacantly ahead. David turns off the vibrator and tells Constance that it was a shame that she went skinny dipping today in the pool, she must have had a terrible accident… Running time – 12:23 This video contains – Bondage, Forced Orgasm,



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