Seductive Studio – Fighting – BELLY PUNCHING CONTEST

Seductive Studio – Fighting – BELLY PUNCHING CONTEST

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Description: Outfits for the girls are bras and jeans or the tight yoga type pants; if Daphne could wear the bra thats in the picture im attaching to the email, that’d be ideal. If not then just something similar would work fine Basically its just going to be a back and forth belly punching contest, with each girl taking about 5 punches per turn. When its their turn to get punched, theyll have their backs up against a wall, and the girl doing the punching will hold the other girls arms up over her head. After the 5 punches theyll switch, and go back and forth like this for a few minutes. For the most part, have it seem like Sophie is beginning to wear down, and Daphne is pretty much controlling the contest…then eventually, have Sophie get in a really good punch, that doubles Daphne over. For this punch, make sure Sophie really holds her fist in Daphne’s stomach as Daphne curls over it. Then have Sophie push her back against the wall and finish the set. From here on, it should only go another round or two, with Sophie dominating. At the end, Daphne should get hit good once and end up dropping to her knees, clutching her stomach and gasping for air like she got the wind knocked out of her. At this point, have Daphne give up, but have Sophie kind of dominate her, first laying her down on the ground and punching her there, then picking her back up against the wall and hitting her with some really deep punches. With the last punch, have her basically hold Daphne up with her fist in Daphnes stomach, while Daphne’s arms are just hanging limp. Then have Sophie let go, and Daphne goes down once more and is knocked out. Specifics for the punches themselves; i want them to be almost all more of the uppetcut style than just straight jabs. They can throw some of those just to mix it up every now and then, but i want most to be uppercuts. Also, very important is the placement of the punches; i want all of them punches to be either on, or above the belly button in the center of the stomach….as little as possible off to the side, and i really dont want any below the belly button if they can manage that. Finally, the idea is for every punch to get as deep into the girls stomaches as possible, so if they could not fully flex(like it seemed daphne was doing in that video she did), that would be ideal, and even have the girls kinda press their fist into the other’s stomach after some of the punches to make them go even deeper.



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