Seductive Studio – Fighting – DIRTY BIRD

Seductive Studio – Fighting – DIRTY BIRD

Categories: RolePlay, Fighting, Belly Punching, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: *Dirty Bird is a custom video in the same series as Bye Bye Birdy. It has lots of KO’s with over exagerated facial expressions with cartoon stars flying overhead, similar to cartoon KO’s.* Daphne enters the house searching for some paperwork. She finds what she is looking for but before she can leave, Kelly apprehends her and the girls fight. Kelly is KO’d with a big punch to the face and sees stars, then falling to the ground. Kelly is then tied up in the bedroom by Daphne. Before Daphne can finish her tie, she is apprehended by Lacy and the two girls briefly fight. Lacy is KO’d and slumps into the wall. Daphne goes to look for more rope, and while in the closet, a large object falls onto her head and KO’s her as well. She falls to the ground, and when the other girls wake up, they decide to have some fun with Daphne while she is asleep, and strip her out of her clothing and grab her breasts. The two girls get so worked up that they start to make out with each other. Eventually Daphne silently awakens and knocks both Kelly and Lacy’s heads together KO’ing them both.



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